Update from "Do you read birthplans?" thread.

  1. LOL!:chuckle I forgot about that posting and now that it's making a comback I thought I'd let you all know I wrote my plan and discussed it with my OB. The only thing we butted heads on was liquid diet during labor. She said no way, NPO and told me about aspiration, litigation, yada, yada. So I ate behind everyones back!:chuckle Sorry!
    Wanted to walk, but the telemetry was broken and I was on Pit, (Yup, PROMed again @36 weeks) Nurses tried so hard to find one that worked knowing I really wanted to be mobile!
    My son had an Accu check of 52 in the nursery and they syringed him formula, no bottle! They did read it!
    It was worth my while to write it and I'm glad to see you guys take the time to read them and follow to the best of your ability.
    Thanks for all the well wishes. Things went much smoother this time!
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  3. by   kids
    Hey! Congratulations on the new addition...boy or girl?
    Glad to see the birth plan worked out for the most part.
  4. by   Goodlaura6
    Great News!!! Glad everything went well, and hopefully as you wanted it! Hey, how do you get all those "faces" in your post?

    Give us more news on your new kiddo!!!!
  5. by   mark_LD_RN
    I always follow the patients birth plan especially if it has been approved by the doctor. I personally do not believe in full time fetal monitoring and NPO status. With the birth of our last baby, wife was allowed to eat what ever she felt like (with in reasonable limits) monitor on first 15 minutes, then hourly for 15 minutes, no hep lock,no iv or pit, No episiotomy or tears even! she was allowed to walk and use any position she liked. vag exams were done only when we requested it. after birth the baby never left our side. And best of all I delivered her, while the doc stood behind me and watched.
    I love my job and treat my patients with respect . Welcome and encourage patients to use birth plans and take an active role in their birth. I love to work with those types of patients and my patients really appreciate my approach. I will do anything to help them.
    congradulations on your new baby!
  6. by   dawngloves
    Thank you! I'm so embarrassed! :imbar
    Ruptured Labor Day (ha ha!) @ 1 am. Pit started @ 6am was 10cm by 1255! 10 pushes! The nurse wasn't available so the OB had to set up an told me to stop pushing :chuckle:!!
    Delivered my son @ 105, 6 lbs 14 oz. Roomed in with me and nursed like an pro. So much different than my first ( TTN, R/O sepsis, hyperbili)

    Thanks for letting me brag!
  7. by   babynurselsa
    Congrats dawn,
    Had my 3rd in Aug. Went into labor 10 hrs into myt shift that night. Walked out of the NICU down to L&D to check in after I called my husband to come on down, he was at work also. After the baby was born, my co-worker called my room to see about the possibility of getting the baby into the nursery for the glucometers (I was gest diabetic)
    I just told her I had my own glucometer and would record them for her,and by the way send the crib on down with the admit supplies. Did my own babies complete admit assessment, eyes&thighs. Waited for the epidural to wear off heated up the stabilette and did her admit bath under the warmer before we went out to the PP floor. They still all laugh at me every time we start talking about it. I did let them take her into the Nsy the next morning for the doc's am assessment, briefly. LOL
  8. by   HazeK
    I love birthplans...as it lets me see where the pt/spouse are 'coming from'!

    BUT...it is a long standing tradition on our unit, that IF the pt presents with a birthplan, we put C/S paperwork on her chart! It seems having a rigid birthplan increases one's risk of a c/s!!
  9. by   mother/babyRN
    I think that is all great, but we just had a pt who was "fine" walk back to the bathroom and have a fh check before she went out walking again, and was found to have an fh in the 50s.....Kid had an apgar of 1 4 and 6....Had been at least half and hour since her last fh (per approved birth plan)....NOW they are talking about suing...Sorry, we do have to put in an iv for a c/s and do at least a quick prep...Somehow its our fault...Thank goodness most people don't run into these problems.....
  10. by   BeachNurse
    Congrats on your new son!! I wrote out a birth plan. I'm not due till April and will probably have a planned C-sec but I did it anyway just in case and for the other stuff. Thanks for the great idea about the syringe!! My second baby needed formula and they gave him a bottle..never crossed my mind to ask about the syringe..
  11. by   mother/babyRN
    Can still have a birth plan with a planned c/s. I did.. I wanted to nurse my son in recovery ( which was on delivery). It was a crazy morning and I knew they were busy, but they ( my co workers) were kind enough to take the time. I hadn't had that experience with my last two, and fought for it. Made a great deal of difference. With the first c/s I was critical and didn't see the baby for quite some time. With the second I was sick and it didn't happen right away, or at least until the recovery was done. I am happy to have had the opportunity to have had great nurses, who were out straight, give me that option...