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The pt had an epidural, but it didn't do the trick. We don't have in-house anesthesia, and it took 20 minutes to get to the hospital. meanwhile there were heart tones in the toilet and the baby... Read More

  1. by   BabyLady
    Quote from jwk
    You're kidding, right?

    There are areas of the country where a single CRNA might cover 5 rural hospitals in 5 different counties.

    There are still areas of the country where an FP delivers babies instead of an OB doc. Why does this still happen?

    The better question is "Why should a hospital that only delivers a few babies a week or even a month be allowed to offer OB services at all?"
    What about emergency surgeries where seconds count with no time to transport????

    Anesthesia is not just about babies and c-sections.

    Yes, I agree fully....every hospital should at minimum, have a CRNA PHYSICALLY PRESENT 24/7.

    If it's too expensive for the hospital...then it just falls under the category of too freaking bad.
  2. by   subee
    EVERYBODY wants 24/7 coverage. Its not because the hospital is being cheap - its because there aren't enough providers who want to work in rural areas. Even in the larger hospitals, coverage is always an issue. As long as you're going to conjure up some anesthesia providers, make us some physicians and nurses for reservations, nursing homes and all remote areas with human habitation.
  3. by   dcampbell
    So many things about this bothers me.
    To have three RN's holding a patient down sounds like assault to me.
    This young woman was of legal age (18 years old), and of sound mind, we assume. I am sure she loves her baby but she should have been able to make her own choices about what was being done to her body.
    The OB was probably worried about liability if the baby was injured but, to me, she should have been more concerned about this patient's rights. I am sorry, but if it is between the mother and the baby, the mother should have some say-so. She is not just an incubator. What really tops this off for me is that three RN's held this patient down while the doctor sewed up without anesthesia--WHY? Turn this situation around and make it a 60 year old man being forced to have a CABG without anethesia because the doctor felt that he needed it done quickly.
    I am an OB nurse--NICU too, so I get the whole save the baby at all costs thing. But this mother had rights.
    What would I have done? I am not sure, but I would not have assalted this mother by holding her down, especially while she was being sewed up, all of the nurses could have stated that they would not continue to hold this patient down until SOME sort of pain medication was given, at least for the sewing up (for the love of Pete!!). Would we just do ANYTHING a doctor told us to do?
    Yes I care about the baby, but it was still the mother's choice, not all women would want everything done for the baby if that included major surgery without pain medication--not nice, but a fact.

    BTW, I worked at, and had my firstborn at, a hospital without 24/7 anesthesia coverage. After hearing this, I will make sure my firstborn delivers at a hospital with 24/7 anesthesia coverage--GEEZ!