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  1. edowhitetop

    Effective PowerPoint Presentations

    Very good information. I printed it out to remind myself when I prepare PowerPoints for my PhD studies too. Thank you!
  2. edowhitetop

    They did a c-section without anesthesia

    Never experienced C-section without anesthesia but do understand the idea as I did experience the extraction of a wisdom tooth without anesthesia. They had shot me up with novocaine but the instant they started pulling it became evident that it had not hit the right spot. The dentist noticed that I reacted and asked if I needed something. I did not want to sit for several minutes with a tooth part-way out while we waited for a new series of shots to take effect. So I said "no" and he finished pulling the tooth.
  3. These are things we all know, but you did a very good job of putting them all together in one place. Thank you.
  4. Anyone hired as an instructor has an obligation to instruct. The administration needs to be made aware that this is not happening in this class. Nice lady or not, she needs to take classes in how to teach or get out. Her responding to questions by merely repeating what was said before is particularly illustrative of her failure as a teacher. A good teacher will rephrase what was said, looking for a breakthrough in communication - the "Oh, now I get it!"
  5. edowhitetop

    What would you have said to this CNA

    Write her up - now and when it happens again. This CNA has an attitude that definitely does not belong in the art/business of health care. Years ago, a hospitalized friend told me he had requested that a particular nurse not be allowed to have anything to do with him. When I visited some time later, a particular nurse stopped in the doorway to speak with his roommate. I took one look at her and listened to her for maybe half a minute - and said to him, "She's the one you were talking about isn't she?" She was. Her bad attitude was so strong that it seemed to infect the air. This CNA seems to be very similar.
  6. edowhitetop

    A Patient Made Me Cry Today

    You gave the man the greatest gift of all - you treated him like a human being - something he apparently was not accustomed to.
  7. My dad always worked for precision in our speech. If we twisted a sentence or used the wrong word, he would respond to what we had said rather than what he knew we intended to say. So the correct question would be, "Is there a physician here?'
  8. Many specialists, although they can put M.D. behind their names, are so long out of touch with the basics that they would be of little help in a crisis. It is actually a matter of knowing what to do. My grandmother, who did not have a lot of formal education but was an experienced midwife, delivered me - and I was born breech. If she had said she could help in any other medical emergency, I would have accepted her word for it.
  9. edowhitetop

    Should students be penalized due to Instructors Mistake ?

    Instructors should be required to correct their mistakes. Back in the old days, when I attended a very small high school, one of my teachers asked me to grade some semester exams in a subject I had never taken and gave me a key to use. I discovered mistakes in the key and took a text book and corrected the key. When he questioned how I had spotted the mistakes, I told him that although I had not yet taken chemistry, I did do a lot of crossword puzzles and thus recognized errors in some of the chemical symbols.
  10. edowhitetop

    Are you aware of how you conduct yourself in public?

    Before I retired, I had to be particularly careful about client contact in public because I worked at a mental health center and this was widely known. Since I retired, I have moved (from Wisconsin to Florida) and seldom go out in public because of severe vision problems, but if I should accidently meet someone I knew from the center, I would still be careful about how I acknowledged them because my family is not entitled to know that the person was a client at the center. (Accidentally meeting someone far away happens more than you think. My husband ran into his best buddy from Stoughton High School in Wisconsin in a barber shop in Osaka, Japan--and they were not in the same units and neither knew the other was in Japan.)
  11. Sorry, Dr. Knope, your example does not impress me. The PhD poet would understand the question even if you do not. And the Doctor-Nurse could probably handle the crisis at least as well as the Doctor-Physician. So give us all a break. The best "doctor" I ever had is a Nurse Practitioner. Sure, I had to be referred for certain things--but she took time and paid attention so this was all done appropriately and expeditiously. I felt valued. And I am probably alive today because of her stat handling of my care when she discovered a malignant mass. If you physicians want instead of , you will have to get from someone else--not me.
  12. Sometimes patients can be extremely difficult - but that is part of the job. Just be glad you are on your side of the relationship.
  13. It sounds as though this woman has been subjected to years of mental abuse. She is so convinced that she is worthless that she has become "worthless." It takes a lot of work to get past that.
  14. edowhitetop

    Press Gainey AARRGGHH

    Seems to me that ANY open offer to do something for someone is asking for trouble. Even in an ER you could get some pretty off-the-wall requests - and a reminder that you had ASKED for it.
  15. edowhitetop

    They did a c-section without anesthesia

    :studyowl: I believe that the main problem was the panic factor. I was born at home - breech - and the doctor did not make it in time. Attending was a midwife - my grandmother. Despite the crisis situation and the fact that it involved her own youngest daughter, my grandmother did not panic and do the wrong things - as witnessed by the fact that I am here 70 years later. Her example was taught to us all through our growing up years: When a crisis presents, do what needs to be done first - then If you feel the need to fall apart, do it when the crisis is past.
  16. edowhitetop

    The Four Medicine Plants

    Attend a gathering and experience the efficacy of these plants. Note that I said a GATHERING - a communal and spiritual meeting of the people - not a powwow that is designed as entertainment for the whiteman. :smilecoffeecup:

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