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I know this can be a HUGE debate, and I'm not looking to start any arguments. I was just wondering as you are OB nurses. I'm expecting a boy in July and not sure if we should circ. or not. My... Read More

  1. by   Albirdie
    To reply to the the first post of mom who will be having a little boy.....first congrats on having a boy. I have two of my own little sluggers running around and I do mean sluggers. They are honery little things LOL. Anyway, they have both been circed. I am a nursing student, but work at a hospital and have assisted with many circumcisions. Truly it is a personal decision. I can only tell you what I have witnessed. First their was a post that explained the procedure and it is very accurate. The only thing I can say is that I have not been able to tell a difference between using Lidocaine or nothing at all. We give the babies a little bit of sugar water and a gloved pinky to suck on and that seems to work just as good as the lidocaine at soothing them. After the procedure babies are cuddled and most of the babies fall right to sleep or are just looking around. Note: newborns have fresh diaper and warm t-shirt and blankets to sooth; therefore the result of no crying. I always have put a warm blanket on baby before procedure(there is a certain way to do that so as to not contaminate sterile field). This helps as well. All in all it is a personal preference because we can look at study after study all day long and one will say something is wrong with the other. Simply talk to your doc about it and your husband/significant other/family and reach the decision that way. Just thought you might want to know how most babies react to the procedure. Hopefully it was helpful.
  2. by   Jellen
    Just to the mom-to-be who first posted....for anesthesia where i work, the pedi's and the OB's will use 2% lidocaine penile block, the GP's use 1%. One of the OB's gives tylenol after x1 dose, no one else does. The clamps used depend on the doc..sheldon or gomco, and one still uses the plastibell.
    The best arguement i ever heard for or against was to decide among the parents whether to look like Daddy or not. There are pro's and cons to the issue, so I don't think there is 100% correct either way. I have worked in nursing homes and seen where the need for a circ became life threatening, because the cardiac condition the gentleman had was so fragile the doc was wondering if he would survive the circ....all for a 5 minute procedure on an infant......
  3. by   mark_LD_RN
    Originally posted by stevielynn
    I agonized over this issue with my first son (as I've told here previously) . . .DAD wanted it done. Second son, I made DAD watch. He came out saying "that was cool". Divorced, Remarried. Had a daughter . . .whew!! :-) Then 12 years later had a son. DAD wanted him circ'd.

    I think MEN are the ones who want their son's circ'd . . .

    And that is an interesting question . . . . . let's ask the guys . .. .

    Why do you want your sons circ'd?

    well the biggest reasons are cultural and that dads want their sons to look like them.often they do little research it seems before forming an opinion.
  4. by   purplemania
    The pediatricians here do a local anesthetic. Babies hurt like anyone else. As for the rest, well my son's wife had a boy this year. They researched the topic and discovered the US is the only non-third-world country still practicing this procedure. As a pedi nurse I have seen a definite decline in the numbers of babies being circumcised. If there is no religious tenet to follow I would not recommend it.
  5. by   fergus51
    The US isn't the only non-third world country practising it, unless Canada has really slipped in the world ranks!
  6. by   Diana in Sweden
  7. by   Spaniel gal

    im not sure if anybody in the UK as posted here. in the UK circ is not offered unless the boy has a medical problems.

    on my unit we get a lot of disabled children/boys who wear nappies. 90% are un-circ. the same for the babies. here in my experience it is unusual for boys to be circ for any other reasons than a medical reason. i asked my brothers if people were teased in the changing rooms about this he said
    "nah, just get teased if your willy is small..."

    so i think what ever you decide to do children will sadly find somthing to tease another child about this is a good site

    this is a subject i think about as my b/f is Turkish and thinks all boys should. i personally wouldnt want my son circ.

  8. by   Soldiersnurse
    I work with soldiers at a troop clinic. The majority of soldiers are circumcised. Some of them have chosen to have the circumcision as adults because of sanitation issues when they are out in the field (no showers, no way to "clean" the area). We have had quite a few uncirc'd soldiers with nasty infections because of these conditions. My boy's were circumcised because my husband (who is also a soldier) insisted on it, he believes that it will save them the trouble of getting it done AFTER they join the service.
  9. by   Anagray
    sorry to stir up a touchy conversation again, but if men can not wash themselves when they are in the army, what about women?
    Shouldn't they undergo vulvectomy for the same reasons?
  10. by   Diana in Sweden
    Originally posted by Anagray
    sorry to stir up a touchy conversation again, but if men can not wash themselves when they are in the army, what about women?
    Shouldn't they undergo vulvectomy for the same reasons?
    was kind of wondering about that myself ...
  11. by   sbic56
    Now we are getting silly.
  12. by   fergus51
    A little silly maybe, but it is true that women are MUCH more prone to infection under the same conditions as men. There is a reason you don't see a lot of tv commercials for male hygeine products. By contrast I am sure most men are familiar with names like Monistat and Vasengill.
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