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Hello, I am finding through the course of doing my prereqs that I may want to become an ob tech. What formal training is there? How can I obtain more information about becoming one? Has anyone... Read More

  1. by   OBTECH01
    our techs are currently learning to scrub s-sections, our hospital is going through a renovation because our surgical floor was located on a diffrent floor than our l&d, so now our ob unit is going through a renovation, and we will have our own surgical suites, before the or personnel would handle the c-sections and we would generally go down if there was a complication expected, or to help with twins...
  2. by   Miz thang
    Hi I'm currently a CNA intrusted in becoming a OB Tech, I worked as a surgical assistant I assisted in AB Tubal Combo/Tubal Ligation/Laser Surgery does this expricence help in becoming and Ob Tech.
  3. by   rnmomtobe2010
    That actually sounds kind of interesting. Thanks to all of you for this useful post.
  4. by   Linda Albrecht
    Hi Rebecca:
    Are you taking the OB tech course through medtexx? Linda
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  5. by   Linda Albrecht
    Quote from Penguinelane
    I do not see anyone else online offering a certification as an OB Tech. Is the certification exclusive to medtexx? Are you in the course? Tell me about it. I think I might just be able to take the test.
    Hi my name is Linda I read that you said there is a community college that offers the ob tech course, What college would this be Do you know of any online course or certification on line for OB tech? Thank-you Linda
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  6. by   Linda Albrecht
    Quote from tmhbubbles
    hi rebecca
    i have registered and am currently taking the ob tech class, but i am still a little skeptical about the whole thing. if you'd like to know more about it feel free to pm me.

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    can you give me the name of the books for the ob tech course? good luck! linda please e-mail info.
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  7. by   amandabrown23
    I am currently an Ob scrub tech in the hospital and I would like to take the course through medtexx but I would like to hear from someone who has taken it already. If I take this and get certified my pay doubles. I would like to hear any input on this, thanks.
  8. by   jess252590
    how long does this course take? I want to do this or mayb cna while i get my adn but I dont want to waste to much money or time getting certified?
  9. by   Graduation2016
    I did hear a while ago about medtexx but never really found anyone that did it with them. I did mention it to my supervisor and it seemed too good to be true. That is something you need to go to school for and learn all the instruments and most of it is pure clinicals. I actually will be starting next August at BCC (just got my acceptance letter a few weeks ago) and once I am done, the hospital where I work at as a CNA at Mother/Baby, will train me for OB Scrub Tech which is what I want to do. Good Luck!!