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Help! I'm having a creative block. We are designing shirts (along with the rest of maternal-child) for our L&D unit and I am trying to come up with a cute slogan. We WILL be wearing these at work so... Read More

  1. by   KellNY
    Quote from NurseNora
    "Home delivery is for pizzas"
    hahaha, yeah, and normal healthy pregnancies if the mother feels comfortable.

    We can support and encourage without putting down other's choices. It is possible, and will get you further.
  2. by   33-weeker
    Quote from NurseNora
    "Home delivery is for pizzas"
    ... and healthier babies, too.

    Mom of 3 born at home
    - (apgars 8:9, 9:10 & 10:10)
  3. by   33-weeker
    How about:

    "We Deliver 24/7"

    and then get buttons made to wear on your shirts that say
    "OB Nurse... at your cervix"

    (this way you could remove the funny button if you were caring for a demise) I don't think they would mind so much the shirt logo.

    Those are my favorites anyway.
  4. by   AF-NRS
    I really like "OB Nurse: At your Cervix!" --- i think it's really cute. I once saw a plaque in a nurse practitioners office that had a mounted speculum onit with that same saying on it......
  5. by   JoniL&DRN
    Thanks for your input all!! No word yet on what we'll go with. I'll let you know!
  6. by   Soup Turtle
    Quote from leannek90
    One of the Midwives where I work had a mug that said "Midwives help people out". I thought that was really cute. I realize that you are not a group of midwives looking for a slogan, but I wanted to share it!

  7. by   CEG
    Quote from 33-weeker
    ... and healthier babies, too.

    Mom of 3 born at home
    - (apgars 8:9, 9:10 & 10:10)
    I was going to say the same thing... working L & D and planning a homebirth. Home delivery is for babies!

    I like the "midwives help people out" slogan too.
  8. by   L&DAEB
    Hi guys. Since this post hasn't been updated in a good while I was just seeing if anyone has any new ideas for L&D t-shirts. I'd like to come up with one for my unit. Thanks for any ideas in advance.
  9. by   ducknurse
    Not sure if appropriate to wear at work, but I would luv a t-shirt that said "Labor and Deliver is NOT a spectator sport!"
  10. by   allthingsbright
    "Meconium Happens" or "Mec Happens"
  11. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Quote from NurseNora
    "Home delivery is for pizzas"
    Sorry but, God no. Babies born at home are just as safe as babies born in a hospital. Pizzas are delivered, babies are born; at hospital OR home.
  12. by   MissBrittanyRN
    I have seen "10 cm or bust" but I never really got the expression. I have seen it applied to other things...
    My favorite is OB RN - At your cervix.
  13. by   beachmom
    Birth: The light at the end of the tunnel.


    We help people out.
    (This one you may have to think about before getting it, so not the best for a T-shirt.)