nurses wanting to relocate

  1. id likesome opinions on relocating to a different state. the pluses the minuses etc.

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  3. by   HazeK
    las vegas:

    ++ job security

    - - nursing shortage, (& MD shortage due to high malpractice rates)

  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    well your post leaves me with more questions than answers like:

    where do you want to go?
    what kind of work are you doing (nursing)?
    what kind of climate do you prefer (if any)?
    how far away from home do you want to be? (where IS Home?)?
    Are you single/ married ....some places are more single-friendly than are some places more gay-friendly than others.
    Do you want to live there permanently?

    Maybe if you can answer these, at least to yourself, the answers to your own question will become more clear. Good luck!
  5. by   mark_LD_RN
    what is las vegas like have not been there in years
  6. by   NursieRN
    Hi, Flower

    Welcome to the board!

    I see your profile says you're a recruiter. Do you recruit nurses??
    Just curious.
    Maybe you could elaborate on your question a little bit, so we could give you a better answer.
  7. by   gwenith
    Queensland Australia. Bit far to come but if you have OB=GYN and aer able to registered as a midwife then it is your ticket to travel AUstralia. Wouldn't you like to see the Great Barrier Reef, climb Ayers Rock or trek through rainforests. scrubland and deserts. We got it all some that ain't found nowhere else.