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Can someone tell me the rationale behind why they would have CO2 available for use? Healthy newborn gassed into coma at Tripler Ken Wilson A healthy baby was given the wrong gas at... Read More

  1. by   KRVRN
    Maybe the baby was screaming but not pink yet and the nurse chose to hurry it along by placing some CPAP? I know it's not NRP, but sometimes NRP isn't followed exactly...
  2. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from KRVRN
    Maybe the baby was screaming but not pink yet and the nurse chose to hurry it along by placing some CPAP? I know it's not NRP, but sometimes NRP isn't followed exactly...
    Well, if she did that it was not good nursing care. A crying baby is the best way to pink up.

  3. by   flashpoint
    Even if the nurse had a good reason for administering O2, he / she should have done something besides O2 when the baby didn't respond. If the gas company filled the bottle with the wrong gas, certainly it is not the nurse's fault...the last thing I would even think about is that it was not oxygen in my bottle...and yes, the pin index safey system should prevent the bottle from being filled with anything but oxygen (if a bottle were used...who knows...maybe the CO2 came from a wall unit). If the baby were deteriorating as badly as it sounds like he was, one would think the nurse would have asked for help and taken the simple mask off and started venitalting...sigh.

    I would really like to see this case published when it is all said and done!
  4. by   J-me-RN
    My question: Doesn't this hospital have a NICU, special care nursery or anything. They worked on this baby for 45 minutes and it was never moved from that particular "O2" source. Where I work that baby would have been moved to the NICU. And then hooked up to wall O2. Surely not from a canister that entire time.
  5. by   lmcnabbkv
    My husband is in the military stationed in HI...I just recently graduated nursing school and had a clinical or two at this hospital, as was my father an inpatient. Let me tell everything about the Army they are regarded as one of the best hospitals...this is far from the truth!! There are many sad stories that come out of this hopsital but this is by far the worst I've heard of. Tripler, or crippler as it is known on the island has a reputation for being a place you do not want to have any procedures done.
    I have not only seen these things first hand, I have been affected by them also (my father went into anaphylactic shock and subsequent renal failure after being giveen a new antibiotic iv and not being reassessed for over an hour or two after. By this time his blood pressure was down around the 50's systolic). Although I do understand that mistakes happen this hopsital should be shut down after so many incidents like this. Hopefully the media attention will bring JCAHO in to reevaluate this place. Come on, with so many people in the room with something of this nature going on, and nobody realized until they put up a new tank?? Why was the mask even attached to a CO2 tank anyway?? :angryfire

    By the way tripler does have a level 2-3 nicu but they also do not have the staffing to meet their needs nor is the nicu a "palace". It has been a very sad few days in Hawaii since this report came out...everyone is talking about how something of this nature could happen. I hope the family pursues it to every extent possible although nothing or no amount of $ will ever get rid of the pain or hurt that will be with them the rest of their lives. So sad.
    Here is a link to a full article...
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