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just had a unique baby name the other week....thought i'd share, and hope to continue this thread from earlier.... "strange baby names": strawberry :roll (thank goodness this was changed by the... Read More

  1. by   manna
    Friends in our church have daughters - Amzi and Story. I think they're old southern family names.. pretty cute!
  2. by   RN2Bn2006
    I have a friend whose children are named

    Hosanna, Elijah and Zion. I didn't like Hosanna much at first, but love it now. Two of her kids (Hosanna and Elijah) had cancer one right after the other (Neuroblastoma, Stage IV)

    My sister named her kids

    Alec Mikal (just weird spelling)
    Grant Brytan
    Auna Brooke (had to grow on me)
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  3. by   RN2Bn2006
    I have a friend whose married name is DICK. Her maiden name is FINE, I'm glad she didn't hyphenate her last name when she married:chuckle

    I feel sorry for her kids when they go to h/s.

  4. by   Jamesdotter
    There's 70-ish man at the athletic club where I go named Harold Potter--he insists we call him "Harry". I don't know if he's seen the movies.
  5. by   fireangel
    Regina is my given name (I go by a nick name), but one time I was presented an award (in church, no doubt) and the woman pronounced my name that way (rhymes with the female body part). I was sooooooo embarrassed!!:chuckle

    Quote from sanakruz
    CY-PHYLIS no doubt
    Man that's the worst
    Knew a girl named RE-GINA (long I)...
  6. by   michelle-new-lpn
    Pronunciation: shi-THEED
    Spelling: Shithead

    This obviously was not a child born in this country. I do believe the original spelling was eventually changed.
  7. by   nursingblahblah
    I had a girl i worked with her name was Kiss (after the band) and her middle name was ELO
  8. by   earthflower
    In my old Sunday school class we had a pale boy with curly white-blond hair with the unfortunate name of Lambert. And kids being kids, everyone would baa like a sheep while saying his name, which ended up being La-a-a-ambert. Poor boy!
  9. by   txspadequeenRN
    I have tried to name my children something that will stand out . I named my first Alexis now that was when nobody was named Alexis. My 2nd child was named by my ex husband the Reverend, her name is Devine Faith (get it). My third is Annica Raelynn, Annica is a email address I heard once and just loved. It is the combination of the names Jessica and Ann. My last baby her name is Alanna Maryssa. If I would have had a Boy his name would have been Zander.
  10. by   chickn-nurse
    i have a niece named delancey rae its a little odd but it fits her.
  11. by   ldynwht
    A cousin of mine named her baby, Cherry Twilight. Also had a patient once named Anita Dick ( I would change my name)
  12. by   Nellie Nurse
    During my clinical rotation at a local clinic, a mom brought her two daughters in. Their names were Raegan, and Cheney. How much do you wanna bet that the parents were republican? :chuckle
  13. by   ImaStork
    The strangest name I know was when a mother let the father of the baby name their girl T9C ....He thought it was so cool. Texas has now passed a law that will not allow you to use numbers for a name.... too late for this little girl...she is a teen now.