More loss

  1. I seem to be surrounded by death lately. With my experience losing a mother the other week, I would have been just as happy to not have any negativity while at work.

    Unfortunately, it didn't last long. My last night at work, we lost 2 baby girls. The first was a twin born to a cocaine pos mother with no prenatal care. After doing an US to determine babies positions, we discovered the second twin was dead. It's possible it was TTTS since there was discordant growth and there was one placenta. Baby A seems to be doing fine.

    Our second loss just a few hours later was a fetal demise of 38 weeks. Mom went into the office for c/o abd pain. US discovered the demise. She came in to be induced and delivered a perfectly formed baby girl with the prettiest face, and a triple nuchal cord.

    I really hope that next week is nothing but sunshine and happiness.
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  3. by   BunnyBunnyBSNRN


    We are told in schoold - I'm still a student - that it's hard, but you are not supposed to get "attached" to your patients. Unfortunately, we are human and we still have feelings.

    I hope you have a better week. My thoughts are with you.
  4. by   jnette
    So very sorry, Carla. (((HUGS)))

    I, too, wish you a reprieve. So sorry you're having to take on so much pain and sorrow at this time. I do hope it passes. :kiss
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    hang in there!!! these things happen in clusters it seems!
  6. by   palesarah
    what is it they say about bad things and deaths coming in three's? It always seems to be true...

    big ((((HUGS)))) to you.
    Spreading lots of ~*~*~*sunshine and happiness*~*~*~ your way
  7. by   lynn27
    Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and hoping that your next week is truly sunshine and happiness (with many more great weeks to follow).
  8. by   PowercarveJen
    Sending prayers your way
  9. by   gypsyatheart
    I'm sorry things are so rough right bites, I know! Hang in there! My prayers are with you.
  10. by   nekhismom
    I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time right now. ((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))