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Just curious what every one's monthly birth rate is at your hospitals? Our average is 300 a month. This month has been really buzy. As of a couple days ago (10 days left in the month) we all ready... Read More

  1. by   at your cervix
    wow, sounds like it is busy everywhere. Last 2 months we have done about 30-50 deliveries per month more than we normally do and next month looks to be about the same. It must have been 9/11, that seems to be the only explaination for the large increase in number of births EVERYWHERE!!! Has anyone seen a decline, or no change at all?
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    no appreciable change in birth rate at the two hospitals i work. i have read this birth rate increase is likely NOT 9/11 related but it will take time for the studies to bear out the truth, i suppose.
  3. by   KRVRN
    Around 8,000 per year. Or so I'm told.
  4. by   shay
    Originally posted by KRVRN
    Around 8,000 per year. Or so I'm told.
    HOLY CRAP AGAIN!!!!!!!
  5. by   fergus51
    Are you at Mary Birch KRVRN? Could you pm me and tell me if you think it's a good place if so. I am thinking about relocating to San Diego and looking at Mary Birch and Scripps Mercy.
  6. by   Dayray
    I work at both hospitals in town one does 120 -150 a month and the other does 30 -40. Most of the time the bigger one keeps me running all day and the smaller one is pretty slow.

    This make for an intersting attitude toward staffing (of which I learned this weekend)

    The bigger hospital has minimum staffing rules so even on slow days their are lots of people around. The smaller one also has minmum staffing rules but they are allot slimer. When something happens on a slow day at the small one it gets very stressful becuse there isent anyone to help you.
  7. by   JenniferNRN
    We do usually 250-300 monthly. I don't know where our numbers are right now, but we have definitely been busier lately. This weekend was awful...all night a census of 10-14 pts in L&D with 5 nurses. Friday and Saturday both the same way. Ugh. Our docs say it is post 9-11 also.

    Interesting to see the numbers....keep them coming!
  8. by   lindalou
    We do about 200 a month. In the area ther are 8 hospital that deliver.. We are #2 in the deliveries. The last 3 months our #'s are up.
  9. by   anitame
    We usually do 40-50 a month. Last month we had 60 some. This month we are in the high 40s.
  10. by   Swiftee
    Hospital closest to me does about 450 a month. They are HUGE. I went and checked out their L&D floor when I was preggers, and it was very busy. There were 3 different nurses stations. I'm kinda glad I chose a smaller hospital. Those poor nurses looked so stressed out.
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  11. by   Stefdelrn
    We used to do around 150 a month. In the last year or two we've increased to 250 a month. I remember when we got a pizza party from the admin for doing 200 in one month. Ha, now we're always doing at least 250. We have 8 LDR's and about 6 triage beds. Last month was 266.
  12. by   finallyRN
    We just got a pizza party for a record breaking month 374 births.
    I knew I wasn't imagining our increase in numbers. That beat our old record by 20 births.
  13. by   luv l&d
    we do 150-180 per month but we do 35% high risk. we are a combo ldr (with nicu mom's staying for their pp period) and antepartum unit. we have 26 beds. right now we have 14 ante's. that number goes up and down as they deliver and go home. one day last month we had 3 ante's, but that was because our nicu was closed for a mrsa outbreak. nice and slow for about 2 weeks!!!