Licensed Practical Nurse in the Delivery Room?

  1. I'm in my grade 12 year of high school and am looking into career opportunities. I've been looking around for quite a while on the internet and I was wondering if LPNs have a role in the delivery room? I've always wanted to workin the delivery room, but I do not want to become a Registered Nurse. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   Tweety
    Apparently some places, but not many use LPNs in their L&D room. My employer hires only RNs for L&D.

    For a wider variety of job opportunites at greater pay (up to 7.00/hour more) go for the RN.

    Good luck. I'll move your question to the OB forum and they can advise you further.

    edit. I just noticed your in Canada, it might be different there. I'm talking USA about the pay and opportunities. Good luck.
  4. by   dansmom6
    I've worked with some LPN's in L&D, but their role was as a tech. They would scrub for sections, and help the RN with deliveries as needed.

    No hospital that I know (in OH, anyway) uses LPN's as a primary L&D nurse.

    If you only have a desire to go for the LPN now, you could always give it a try, and go back to school later (it usually takes 1-1 1/2 years to get your RN after LPN).

    Our pay difference for LPN's now, especially after some time is accumulated is over $10.00 hourly, too...a little extra moolah never hurts!!

    Whatever you decide, good luck!!
  5. by   duckie153
    Thanks! Only 10 bucks an hour? Or did i read wrong? I made 11.40 starting and 12.40 on sunday at a grocery store part time last year haha! But I live in a special town.
  6. by   dansmom6, LPN's get paid more than that hourly. It's the difference between LPN and RN wage. I'd say LPN's start at about 16 or 17 an hour (guesstimate), in OH.

    BTW..your grocery store pays pretty darn good! LOL!
  7. by   LNDis4ME
    I am curious as to why you are not interested in becoming an RN?
  8. by   nurseynightnight
    We use LPN's at my hospital but not as labor/delivery nurses. They scrub in for any c/s we may have. They also work postpartum. So they can take a couplet (mom and baby) and do all of their care.
    They also "catch" babies. So they come into the room during the delivery and do all of the baby stuff...weigh, measure, vitals, assessment, any resuscitation that may be needed, etc... right after baby is born and then hand the baby back to mom and the labor nurse takes back over.
    The pay difference where I work is around $8 more per hour from LPN to RN.
    It is worth going back to school to finish and get your RN. You could do the LPN program (1 year) get any prerequisites you would need for the RN program then go into that (another year). That is the route I took.
    I ended up being in school for 3 1/2 years to get an Associates degree.
  9. by   PRESLA
    ] On the labor unit I worked on they only had one LPN and she has been there for 25 yrs or more and the only thing she did was scrub on sections and keep OR ready for her shift. On nights we manned the OR c a scrub tech and RNC's .

  10. by   mitchsmom
    No LPN's on our L&D unit (I don't think they do it at all in FL, but someone tell me if I'm wrong). We have a few in postpartum.
    If you are able, my opinion is to just go straight for RN if you are interested in a nursing career (or BSN for that matter)... more education is always going to give you more flexibility & sometimes it's hard to go back later, when 'life' may get in the way.
  11. by   smileche
    The hospital that I work at has two LPN's who have been there for over 20 years each. They are "Grandfathered In" so to speak. Our unit only hires RNs.
  12. by   Spidey's mom
    If you are interested in being the delivery nurse, I'd recommend RN.

    We don't use LVNs in the delivery room at all. Or in OR.

    Some work acute but the RN does the assessment of their patients.

    I too am curious why you don't want to be a Registered Nurse.

  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    My best advice is what others said. Go for your RN. VERY few places hire LPNs in L/D these days. Good luck to you.
  14. by   addymo
    I'm an LPN and have work in L&D. It just depends on your hospital's policy. (If you become an LPN you'll become used to that quote.) Anyway, I would not recommend the LPN thing. You will be doing the exact same job as the RN, but not getting paid for it. In fact, sometimes you'll even get stuck with the worst jobs because you're an LPN. I'll be finished with my RN soon. It is worth the extra year, and if you look at it this way, at least in college you get a whole month off for Christmas and a long summer break! You won't get those in LPN school.