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I heard on the news this morning that the Triboro Bridge was shut down because of a woman giving birth on the bridge. Made me wonder--what are some of the most interesting places you've heard of or... Read More

  1. by   rktele
    I've heard of this also, and actually saw a video of it in my Hypnobirthing class.
    Unfortunately, I was not that fortunate!
  2. by   rogrogers
    In 1976 I was 19 years old and only 3 months out of paramedic school when a man ran into our EMS station crying, "My wife's having a baby in our car!!!" I found the patient in the front seat of the family car and, after sending the father across the street to the police station for some help (all our ambulances were tied-up), I found that she was indeed delivering right then and there. Okay ... no problem ... just do what you're trained to do ...... A beautiful baby boy was delivered, and congratulations were being passed around to all. I noticed that the mother was still really "big", but she said that the ultrasounds and exams showed only one baby. Five minutes later she and her husband were blessed with the birth of a second son! Since they only had one name picked out they decided to name the second baby after me! OMG!!!! Have 31 years passed already?!?!?!?
  3. by   nizhoni
    Quote from stillpressingon
    Oh my gosh! That's what I always think about with waterbirths! I wouldn't mind laboring in a tub, but actually delivering there? Huh uh. Count me out.
    I'm a licensed midwife and RN-C and have attended homebirths for over 30 years. I attend a lot of waterbirths. We simply have each family buy a little strainer (the type used for aquariums) to scoop out any unwanted items-- it's really no big deal. Laboring in a tub is actually very tidy. Often the placenta is delivered out of the tub, but if it arrives while the mama is still in the tub, she just gets out after its arrival.

    I love attending waterbirths. The babies are born very gently. (Yes, they're brought immediately to the surface.) Have only had one perineal tear in all the waterbirths I've attended; the moms usually have no perineal swelling, so they appreciate the experience as well.

    I have assisted with many waterbirths at the birth center I also used to work for (as an RN). They have large tubs with jacuzzi jets--very much appreciated by the ladies who birth there. At home we use the Aquadoula tub or the La Bassine birthing pool--both very nice, as they have sides that are rigid enough to push against, but soft enough to be comfortable.

    Recommend you check out Barbara Harper's website for Waterbirth International:
  4. by   prinsessa
    I almost delivered my DD in the car on the way to the hospital. I was in labor for 36 hours, but they kept sending me home from the hospital because I wasn't dilated enough along. I had to resist the urge to push (which was really strong). I am thinking about a homebirth with our next child. I don't know how DH will cope with it though. He might need drugs instead of me . We aren't having another kid for a couple more years, so we have a while to talk about it. All I know is that I rather not give birth in a hospital. I would be much more comfortable at home.
  5. by   SuperFlyRN
    My dad was born during WWII and my grandma delivered him in a bomb shelter in North London. He was her first and she was terrified and did not know what was going grampa had just moved down the shelter to check on someone and he came back and had a son. She said all she remembers is the explosions and screams from outside and here she is delivering her child. My dad assisted with the birth of his brother 3 years later athome.....
  6. by   ElvishDNP
    A question for you who have had or witnessed home births....and maybe this is silly but I have to ask.

    How are eye gtts & Vitamin K managed? Can midwives obtain them? Or are they even done? I personally think that whole thing gets overdone *just a bit*. I'm sure that my husband and all 10 of his siblings did not get either and they are all just fine. Anyway, anyone who can enlighten me on the subject, I would be grateful. :spin:
  7. by   JeanettePNP
    CNMs can administer both eyedrops and vitamin K. Many parents choose to forego these procedures and the midwives usually cooperate with that request.
  8. by   ElvishDNP
    I knew that CNMs could do that...I guess I was wondering more about UC or home births with lay midwives.
  9. by   JeanettePNP
    I'm sure that the people who choose UC or lay midwives aren't too hung up over details like eyedrops and vitamin K. If they really wanted them they probably would make different birth choices.
  10. by   famie845
    my friend's very young daughter had her baby in the bathroom, her mom didn't know then that she was pregnant. she was terrified because she didn't know what to do about the cord and the placenta. her mother thought there was a cat in the bathroom and then she discovered that she was a grandma and rushed the baby with the placenta to the hospital
  11. by   janster58
    I've personally delivered one in the back seat of a Lexus, (boy) no mess in the lexus, that was in Florida........
    Girl in the front seat of an old chevy in NC........that one was a big mess, then the new Dad wanted to know when I was going to clean his car........
    Not my job should have gotten up faster. That one was last year on April fools day.

    Former L&D nurse
  12. by   ElvishDNP
    Quote from janster58
    Girl in the front seat of an old chevy in NC........that one was a big mess, then the new Dad wanted to know when I was going to clean his car........
    Not my job should have gotten up faster.
  13. by   Gompers
    We once had a pair of twins in our NICU that were born at home. Mom was only about 28 weeks and the babies just decided they wanted out NOW!!! The paramedics from the fire department got there in time to assist and get the babies to the hospital. I don't remember if they were able to intubate these preemies or not (I think they just gave PPV) but the kids ended up doing very well.

    When they were about 6 months old (3 months corrected age) the parents took them to the firehouse to say thank you. From what we heard, these strong men were so happy to see the twins big and healthy that they all cried!