I really need tips

  1. Hi there.

    I love reading the posts here.

    I am currently in my 3rd term at LVN school. We start our OB/PED rotations in 8 weeks!!

    I'm expecting my first baby in October (10/9)

    My question is not related to school, it is related to labor and delivery.

    I need some tips about giving birth. I need the scoop, the inside info, the dish .. Help!!!

    One thing I got from some of the posts here is not to start pushing at 10cm.. rather to labor down.. Also to change positions q 20 - 30 mins. I'm hoping to go natural, but don't plan on being a Martyr for anyone.. he he he so I will take the epidural if I feel it would be better.

    I would like to know if there are any other tips you could offer to me.
    It might help you to know a few things about me

    Im 23, married, 1 prior pregnancy ended in miscarriage
    275 lbs (gained 35 lbs)
    Tested negative for GD
    Tested negative for GBS
    Have had 1 NST so far with great results
    I'll be 37 weeks next Wednesday
    I've been getting prenatal care since 12 weeks
    I have my clinicals in the same hospital that I'm delivering at

    I look forward to your replies!
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  3. by   fergus51
    Definitely try different positions, and wait until you have the urge to push to do so, but this isn't too likely with epidurals. You should also be informed that an epidural is not the same thing as a spinal. Most of our epidurals are morphine or fentanyl and do not completely take away the pain like a spinal block does (this is what we use for c-sections). Some epidurals also use bupivicaine and tend to numb patients more in my experience.

    My advice is to read all you can about different positions and relaxation techniques, and in the end BE FLEXIBLE! Try to remember that the most important thing is having both you and baby healthy at the end.
  4. by   kittyw
    The only thing I wish I had known earlier was that sitting Indian style relieved my back-labor pain!!!
  5. by   at your cervix
    My advice would be to come up with a birth plan ahead of time. This does not always have to be set in stone. You don't even have to give a copy to your dr or nurse unless you want to. The good thing about birth plans is that you can think about what you want ahead of time instead of during labor. There are many great resources on the internet, just search under "birth plan". Most of them give you many different areas with many possible options in each area (example: pain control, you can choose nothing, IV, Epidural, or "play it by ear" type options) you can simply click what you want and print it out. This really helps to prepare you for what to expect. GOOD LUCK!
  6. by   imenid37
    before the epidural, try the whirlpool tub (if they have one) or a shower. the nice warm water can get you through a lot and the upright position helps too! if you want the epid. then go for it after that. best of luck to you!
  7. by   OB4ME
    I never recommend writing up a birth plan, because it summons the evil spirits to come mess it all up for you! Every patient, except 1, who has written up a birth plan has ended up SROM for thick mec, IUPC with amnioinfusion, FSE because the baby starts having huge decels and loses LTV...And the end result is a c-sect!

    It's kinda like a full moon! LOL! Shouldn't happen, but always does!

    I would learn and get informed about labor and delivery as a process (what you can expect to feel at certain stages, etc.). Learn about comfort/support measures such as position changes, shower/soak in a tub, back massage, moaning (often speeds up labor) Make sure that you have a good support person to remind you what to do, and to rub your back, and that they learn right along with you. :-) If you don't think your husband can be as supportive as you need, then bring a sister or friend as well. Communicate your wishes with your doctor and nurses, but not necessarily in writing (saying it doesn't seem to have the same effect on your luck...LOL!)

    Learn...but realize that things often don't go how the book says (unless you can teach both your uterus and baby to read before delivery). So, be open to things going a little differently than expected.

    Also...I don't know if they are as induction happy where you are as they are down here. Here, we rarely see patients at 40 weeks, because they are all induced before then. So irritating! Become educated about inductions before just agreeing to it, especially if you feel that it is being done for doctor convenience. Of course, you know you can say no, if it is not really medically indicated.

    Good luck! Here's to a positive labor/delivery experience! :-)
  8. by   obtnt
    if ya haven't delivered yet, here goes: try to stay distracted during labor i.e. talk to family/ friends, walk alot, try our the tub, do anything but sit and concentrate on your body at work!! I have seen many first timers and the ones who kept occupied moved fast (er) and needed less (or no) meds/epidural. This is my advice to any woman for a labor "plan" and as has been said previously, that should be all the PLANNING you do for labor! Best wishes and let us know how things come out!!!hahahahahaha!
  9. by   RNConnieF
    Listen to your body. You already know how to labor, you just need to hear your inner voice. The voice may be small so you need to listen closely.
  10. by   roud123
    Thanks everyone for the tips. I still haven't delivered yet.. I had my ER rotation today.. It was so intense. I thought I was going to go into labor -- can't think of a better place to be..

    Well, only 5 days left till EDD..

    Can't wait!
  11. by   maire
    Good luck and God Bless!
  12. by   RNMom1969
    :roll The best advice I can offer....which others have already said....is keep moving, keep moving, keep moving. Changing positions often and letting gravity work for you, instead of against you is such a big help. As long as it's ok medically and you don't exhaust yourself, keep walking. As some have already said, keep an open mind, try to stay focused, listen to your body and remember.....one contraction at a time!
    Good Luck to you!
  13. by   Nighshft
    I'm glad to hear that you have an open mind regarding your anticipated labor. GOOD LUCK! .
    Keep moving , remember just don't exhaust yourself. Stay hydrated- you will need something to keep your strength up. If you need some relief, and don't have access to a whirlpool tub, use the shower-- direct that warm water to where you need it most.
    My experience has also been that those w/birth plans seem to have everything they dread happening, happen. A supportive coach/friend is worth his/her weigh in gold
    Keep us informed of the results!!
  14. by   Mimi2RN
    Remember this is for the baby! I don't like birth plans, it's more upsetting when things don't go the way you would like. I go to high risk deliveries for the baby......... had a daddy lifting up mommies' gown for skin to skin at a mec delivery. Baby was purple, not pinking up, and dripping green..........no-one had explained to the attorney parents what would happen!