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history: my son was delivered in at my home on October 16, 1999 with a lay midwife. I set my sites on becoming a midwife right then and there, my son was bf, not vaxxed, no vit-k, not circumcised,... Read More

  1. by   BittyBabyGrower
    Many larger hospitals do use midwives...I had one when I delivered...I also have my regular OB, but I was ready to go before she could get there and a wonderful midwife helped me along.

    Get experience under your belt and then go for it! I have personally seen some home deliveries gone bad, and it isn't pretty, that is for sure, but one of the girls I work with helped deliver her grandchildren at home. Each to their own!
  2. by   smk1
    So, being at home in my bed, all I'd be thinking about was the mess. In MY bed. Blood, amniotic fluid, urine, BM, etc. It would be a distraction to me.

    THis freaks me out as well! when i watch "a baby story" on TLC (or used to anyway) I always wonder who is going to clean and disinfect and It would stress me out knowing i was creating a huge mess. I liked being at the hosptial where the mess "magically disappeared".
  3. by   karenmcd
    I work in the special care nursery and I don't think that a home birth is a great idea. Like most, I think at any point a woman with no risk factors can give birth to a baby in secondary apnea. :uhoh21: Meaning something more than stimulation needs to be done in order to get it breathing. So....since there are people wanting home births why not give them the complete package....a midwife to take care of the mother, her labor, her delivery...give her all the things she requests to be done and have team member number 2 be an actual pediatric provider....for the baby. The baby seems to be forgotten here. What is best for the baby as well as the mother? I don't believe for one second that a nonmedical person knows exactly the risks involved for the baby. I have been with families where they would be standing over the warmer of a 1 minute old baby smiling and asking why can't mom hold the baby????? While I am bagging the baby with the bag mask.....they have no idea that without resuscitation this baby would be dead. This proves to me that they are very uninformed about the transitioning a baby goes through when the cord is cut. I have read many birth plans written by moms and truthfully I am wondering where they came up with "the plan". Does someone provide them with scientific evidence to support what they want and don't want???? I am aware of the erythromycin eye drops being delayed so mom and baby can look at each other but I am still having trouble finding out why a mom wouldn't want vitamin K given to her baby. What is the reason they don't want it given?:uhoh21: If there was help for the baby as well as the mother I would feel much better about a home birth but still not an advocate for it. Too many complications unforseen can happen to both.