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Hi Everyone, One of my professors was talking about IUD's and saying she recommends them as a form of birth control. I have heard about the negative things about them like death from sepsis. ... Read More

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    Quote from stevielynn

    The funny thing is the best form of birth control for me was Natural Family Planning, which I was taught at a Family Planning Clinic while in college. It was pretty amazing because I really didn't understand my body all that well and I did after I took that class. Now, it wouldn't work for everyone - you have to be dedicated to checking your temp every morning before getting up out of bed and the consistency of cervical mucous, etc. But I didn't get pregnant for 4 years of married life.

    The best thing about this method (which is not the rhythm method), is that it can be used to both prevent pregnancy and try for pregnancy. Taking your temp every morning is easy and has no side effects on your body! No hormones~just knowledge of your body and it's cycle.
    The bible: Taking charge of your fertility by Toni Weschler.
    The 30 seconds it takes me to take my temp in the morning is more than worth not having to take BCPs or risk IUDs.
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    Perhaps we should stay on-topic here and not turn this thread into a pro-life/pro-choice/"when does pregnancy actually begin?" debate.
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    I'm a guy, and probably not really qualified to comment in too much depth here, but my son came along while his mother was using an IUD. Add to that the fact that I used a condom, and had no viable sperm (checked thru a sperm count) due to a motorcycle accident (one leg around each side of a very large and immobile tree, still have the scar, LOL) that occurred several weeks prior to the conception. Also, she was on the pill right before the IUD insertion. Guess the little bugger really wanted to be here!

    My younger sister is also a product of an IUD and condom combo. Not sure which IUD, or even which "pill", and can't ask as both mothers are deceased, but thankfully both babies were wanted and loved, and although it was quite a hardship at the time (I was 17 when my boy was born, and just graduating high school, and my Mom, who was pregnant at the same time as my girlfriend was, at that time was 34 and just graduated out of nursing school), I'm glad of the circumstances.

    This was wayyyyy back in the early 80's tho, I'm sure that IUD's have come a long way since then. Also, I'm really not up on my OB/GYN, but just had to comment. Hopefully effectiveness has increased since then.
  4. by   rmengis
    I also have the Mirena, got it 3yrs ago and have had zero problems. I've never had cramps and after about 6mos my periods became virtually nil. Sounds like your insertion experience was similar to mine (crampy for a short time). Hope you continue to have success. I love this form of BC.
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    I'm on year nine of a 10 year IUD. I hate to say goodbye to it. I have had no problems at all.
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    Steph, our stories are similar....multiple pregnancies utilizing birth control.

    I got an IUD about 23 years ago. I think it was a copper 7? Who knows, I was 18 at the time. I had it until I was 24 but I don't recall why my doc removed it. I had two miscarriages while I had it in. Otherwise, I had no problems with it, just a little cramping I wasn't used to and a bit heavier periods.

    Since then I've gotten pregnant using a diaphragm (double the spermacide) which I miscarried and also using 'the pill' (she is now 16). In fact, my only pregnancy that came about when I was not on any birth control, I gave birth to fraternal twins. I finally had my tubes cut fried and tied.
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    Quote from caminurse
    i have had an iud for 3 years so far, no probblems but...
    :angryfire my cramps are hell!!!:angryfire
    personally, i would consider hellish cramps to be a major problem. that is one of the reasons i have never even tried an iud.
  8. by   parrotmom
    I have a ParaGUard for nearly 4 years now. Insertion was uncomfortable but not painful. My periods are now about 5 days long and I have one really heavy day with cramps. I was a breastfeeding mom and found out I was pregnant with son a week before her first birthday. We were weaning and I forgot to use somethng so we got the PARAguard after my son was born so I could breastfeed without the supply problems that come with oral control, psychosis of depo, alleric to latex so condoms and diaphragms were not an option. I always check mine the wek after my period and did have an u/s to check placement a year ago as I had changed docs and he was having trouble finding it.
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    I had my 10 year IUD inserted on August 25th, and although the insertion was very painful for me, it wasn't anything that motrin didn't take away. With my first cycle, I had pretty bad cramps that first day, but I didn't get cramps prior, so I have nothing to really compare it to. So far, my husband and I are very happy with our decision. Good luck to you.
  10. by   kirsnikity
    I don't have an IUD but am seriously considering it after I have my second child, probably in a few years.

    The IUD is the most effective form of birth control next to sterilization. One responsibility that you have is checking the string once a month for placement; rarely they can move and this is the most likely cause of unplanned pregnancy with an IUD. If the IUD is where it's supposed to be, it's extremely effective.
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    Great job, everyone, on keeping this thread anecdotal and non-political! Just remember, medical advice is not given or taken here at Thanks so much for your cooperation.
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    I've never used this method, but my SIL had one for 12 years. Once she decided she was ready to have babies, she was unable to conceive. The doctor told her it was likely due to her IUD. And now she's 50 and they're not together any more... too bad really because my brother would have been an AWESOME dad.
  13. by   Valerette
    I am in my ninth year of my copper IUD, and I love it. I know many people have reported painful cramps, but I never have any cramps, and I am just a bit heavier with my menstrual flow than I was before. It hurt momentarily when it was inserted, somewhat like mild contractions, but it was totally worth it and I would do it again.