Healthy women schedule C-sections to prevent vaginal stretching

  1. Has anyone personally encountered this, or known a doctor who would do it?

    There's been press about this in the past few years, along with a "too posh to push" philosophy, and it seems very disturbing on so many levels. I don't have a link handy, but one story even said that in Brazil, the C-section rate for middle class women exceeds 90%! It's actually considered disgraceful in some circles to deliver vaginally, according to the source.

    Every woman I have ever known who has experienced both has said that a vaginal birth is MUCH less painful, even a very traumatic delivery vs. a c-section with no labor at all.

    Keep in mind that this is not a criticism of necessary c-sections.
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  3. by   SpiceChick01
    Well, I don't know where folks would get the idea that a vaginal birth is DISGRACEFUL! That is what we are made to do. I had all of mine via c-section, so I don't know firsthand which is worse. But, I will say that I have heard the opposite of what you posted: in some cases- c-sections are not worse than vaginal deliveries.

    Personally, I had no problems or complications after mine. I was up and about with the babies within 2 days, full of energy, no problem. Just had to be careful not to do a lot of abdominal bending for a little while. Otherwise, I was fine. I have friends, however, with true horror stories to tell. One friend had a 4th degree episiotomy (sp?) and swears that sex has never been the same. Yet another friend with six kids says her husband could tell the difference in vaginal tightness after the fourth baby. One of my neighbors suffers from occassional incontinence since having her third baby vaginally. A family member of a friend pushed hard enough that she pushed OUT her vagina (OUCH!!!!). Would have thought it was an exageration if she hadn't told me herself. Still others have bad experiences with vaginal births AND c-sections.

    I think it's crazy to just schedule one. I expected to deliver vaginally, but my baby had other ideas. But there was no choice with my twins, being that they came EXACTLY 12 months after my son. My ob was concerned that I would injure myself trying to deliver two more right after having a c-section months before (though you feel alright and can get around quickly after a c-section, internal healing can be slow going). And after all those prepared childbirth classes my husband and I went to, LOL! I was glad later though, after some of the stories I heard.......
  4. by   diapason05
    I know of several people who opted for it because I guess they thought it would be less painful, shorter and they could schedule the birth. Any of those reasons- maybe other ones I don't know about.
    I'm TERRIFIED of having to have a C-section!! There seems to be a much better chance of my stomach tightening up if I give birth vaginally. My mother had a c-section with my younger sister and she said the muscles were ruined after that. I am not worried about my vagina being "stretched". No ones ever told me that their wife felt any different after giving birth (provided they wait awhile to start having sex..?)
    I just want to have a healthy natural childbirth. And I want to do it however is most comfortable for me. (aka I dont want my doc forcing me to lay down..)
  5. by   ItsyBitsySpider
    I really cannot imagine why any woman would choose a c-section over vaginal birth. I'm not talking about for health or safety reasons. I've had both and I'd have 10 vaginal births over 1 c-section any day, episiotomy and all.
  6. by   SpiceChick01
    Yes, my point also ItsyBitsy! Why would you choose it. Medical necessity is different. I was highly upset at the time my son was born because I ended up having a c-section after 13 hours of labor :angryfire. I was prepared for a vaginal birth and felt cheated, as I took all those classes that teach you techniques on how to focus and such.......
  7. by   modelmama07
    I don't know why anyone would want to get a c-section just because! I think its somewhat looney. God meant for our bodies to bear children and we are fully capable of it (unless its a medical emergency). But I also think it is somewhat vain. I would never want to get a c-section, when I has my son I hoped and prayed that I would not have to get one. Yes, I still have stretch marks but I rather have just stretch marks than a scar plus stretch marks in that area. We all now what changes out bodies go through when have our children and we all know that more than likely they'll never be the same; that's the price though when you carry a bundle of joy. As long as I know my husband loves me and is attracted to my body, that's all that matters to me, that makes me feel good about myself.
  8. by   Jo Dirt
    I was so small they wanted to do a c section but before they could get the OR ready the baby came out and I had a MAJOR episiotomy. I had a little stress incontinence and I found this gadget called a Kegelmaster, ordered it and after using it a short time I'll just say not only did my stress incontinence disappear totally our sex life was out of this world and a lot better than it was before I had any children.. I don't usually go for gimmicks and contraptions but this doodad was worth every single penny.
  9. by   ElvishDNP
    I find it very disturbing, quite frankly. I'm not talking about medical necessity -- anyone who suggests a vaginal birth for a lady with placenta previa (something she has no control over) is stupid.

    BUT "I want a tight vagina" does not qualify as medical necessity.
  10. by   rph3664
    There was a story in my local paper a while back about the increasing c-section rate. All of the doctors said they did not do them per patient's request unless the circumstances were very unusual. One doctor said (with the patient's permission) that he had recently performed such an operation, but the woman's prior birth had been so traumatic, she had to have her entire vagina surgically reconstructed. She really did not want to go through that again, and he agreed it would not be wise.

    I didn't have kids, but I couldn't imagine ANYTHING being the same after a 4th degree tear. OUCH!
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  11. by   nursekrystin
    Well, I have had 2 children both vaginally and I have been very blessed in that it took no longer than 20 min max to push them out. I did tear pretty badly with my first, but no lingering problems after healing. One of my sister-in-laws has 2 sets of twins (yes, 4 children total). She was able to deliver the first set vaginally and the second via C-sec and she says that she would have rather delivered vaginally again vs. the C-sec but one of the twins decided she wanted to come out feet first, so C-sec it was. I don't know why someone would voluntarily want to be cut open, maybe they would change their minds if they got to see what the doctors actually have to do during a C-sec (I know I learned real quick like that my body did not want to go through that). Anyway, I so agree with a previous comment that God designed women's bodies to deliver vaginally, but sometimes babies and some women's bodies have other plans and a C-sec is needed, but not wanted.
  12. by   SiennaGreen
    Give me a natural, drug free vaginal birth. I had all 3 that way, was back in my home 4-6 hours later, in my kitchen drinking tea with my family, sleeping in my own bed, snuggling my new baby next to me, and nobody poking at me all night.

    Plus, the fourth degree tear...don't let people scare you. My first resulted in a 4th, had to transport to a hospital just to get stitched by a very cranky OB who did a fantastic stitch job. I recovered incredibly quickly, it just was not AS bad as everyone said it might be. Just uncomfortable for a couple days. After healing, everything down there was just the same as it was far as I could tell!

    In reality, isn't it true that your Kegels result is better vaginal tone. I don't quite understand how a vaginal birth would result in loose vaginal tone unless your tone was poor to begin with? If that is the case, you've got loose tone...period. c section or not.
  13. by   LizzyL&DRN
    I have seen several patients come in having Primary cesarean sections, electively. I try not to judge the situation and hope the doctor has informed them of the risks and benefits. Babies born vaginally do have a decreased chance of respiratory problems than do c section babies. Then there are all the risks of having major surgery. That being said, I had a nasty 4th degree with my first child and an uneventful delivery with my second. I have since had to have a painful posterior repair due to the first delivery. I would not wish either a 4th degree or painful repair on anyone. You can never tell when this is going to happen to a mom's perineum so if she has discussed an elective c section with her doc, then who am I to judge?
    BTW: Since my repair I have been told I cannot have another vaginal delivery, I have not gotten pregnant again because i'm scared of a c section. I guess I figure i've been through enough down there.
  14. by   nozyrozy40
    when i found out i was pregnant w/ my first son, i prayed that i didn't have to deliver vaginally. i was praying for a c-section. my water broke on a friday evening and sunday afternoon, the doc finally decided to section effacement, no dilation. i was thrilled!!! had my son @ 2:23pm and was up and walking around by 7pm. sure i was sore, but was thankful i didn't have to push that little human out through my vagina!! my second was a sheduled section, about 1 week prior to due date....i wound up w/ pnuemonia 4 weeks before due date and ended up in labor. doc asked if i wanted to labor and deliver vaginally, no way!!!!!! again, up and around quickly and home in 2 days. everyone has their own expectations of labor and delivery and i would never judge someone personally for their decisions. i actually think it's pretty funny and oh so vain to opt for the c-section just because they want to stay "tight".