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  1. SpiceChick01

    HESI study tips

    Hi all! Any tips or suggestions on how to study for the HESI exams? They are rather awful, and the companion book and CD the the EVOLVE corporation puts out to study for it is useless....
  2. SpiceChick01

    Southwest Tennessee Community College

    Hey all! I was wondering what passing percentage is in the Nursing program at Southwest. For example, I know of one school where it is 80%, and another where it is 77% total average to pass a class. Thanks!
  3. SpiceChick01

    Can someone explain to me...

    Thanks for the replies! This is clear now...
  4. SpiceChick01

    Can someone explain to me...

    What the difference is between Private Duty nursing and Home Health? I am really unclear on this. Thanks!
  5. SpiceChick01

    Baptist College Of Health Sciences

    Ooh, just try not to think about how long it will take. I go part time evening wknds and I won't graduate till August 2011. I have stopped dwelling on it cause it makes me IMPATIENT.....So, I just try not to focus on the length of the program, just on how nice it will be to truly be done and not have to go back!
  6. SpiceChick01

    Is it true that a BSN will be mandatory soon?

    I agree with you Jessie RN about those without education being able to value it. I know a someone personally who lacks education, but strongly advocates education and donates to scholarship funds, etc. But, I think that maybe the previous poster was remarking toward the irony of a Senator with a high school education passing a BILL requiring others to have college degrees. That kind of falls under failing to lead by example, you know? In any event, this rumor has been around forever from what I understand. And with the world screaming about a nursing shortage already, I doubt that diploma or associate RN's will be getting phased out anytime in the next 500 years!!! Just my little
  7. I was wondering- do any of the hospitals here offer Baylor type programs? If so, can anyone tell me- The name of the hospital How much the pay is for this option What is considered weekend (Fri/ Sat/Sun or just Sat & Sun) Also, does anyone know the starting payrate at the hospitals if you decline medical benefits, etc? Thanks so much for any info!
  8. i was reading a thread about hospitals that start at hours other than the usual 7pm-7am, 7am-7pm, etc. some places have options of working 3-3, 6-6, etc. anywhere like that in memphis? thanks!
  9. SpiceChick01

    evening nursing program

    Memphis Tiger: I am also a Memphis Tiger:yeah:!!!I don't work and I also have a B.A and an M.A as well. I am scheduled to graduate in August 2011. Labpus00: So far, the things covered in class have been on the tests. But, I am only taking the Geneds right now, no hardcore Nursing classes. I start clinicals in Fall of 09.
  10. SpiceChick01

    How much time do you have left in Nursing School?

    Three. Freaking. YEARS!!! LOL can you tell I am not happy about that???
  11. SpiceChick01

    evening nursing program

    I am a student at Baptist in the evening and weekend program. Evening/weekenders get priority during class registration, and classes are usually 6-915 pm. I like it so far. The faculty and staff have been friendly and helpful. I have heard nothing but good things, which is why I am there. Good luck!
  12. SpiceChick01

    401k Plan and Pension Plan

    Do you have to be at Baptist for an extended period of time(like 5 years) to get the entire 2:1 match, or is it immediately given as soon as you start to contribute to your 401k? Also, do they match UP TO A PERCENT of your salary like many places do, or the ENTIRE amount you contribute? Thanks!
  13. Hi! I'm in a situation where I may be attending a private school that is affiliated with a hospital. I am thinking about choosing the option to sign a contract to work for them for two years after graduation, in exchange for them covering my tuition. This will save me about $17,000. However, I would like to hear about the experiences of others before I decide. I am a bit hesitant, as I have heard that these situations can suck big time:trout:. My questions for those who have done this: 1.Were you able to work in a department of your choosing, or just stuck where they saw fit? 2.Were you treated like a slave, expected to work 60 hour weeks against your will? Or unable to have a halfway decent schedule (like being stuck working rotating shifts if you don't want to, or working 12's every OTHER day) 3.If you did it and changed your mind, what happened? Were you able to make payment arrangements, or did they want it all at once? I am wondering about these things because I would rather pay as I went along than get locked into a total nightmare situation. Also, I have heard this hospital has bad nurse/patient ratios and works you to death anyway. Responses please!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. SpiceChick01

    MOMS: Do you think this is taking on too much?

    It is certainly possible to go to school with a tribe of kids at home, LOL!I am a 28 year old SAHM myself. When I did my Master's, my kids were 1, 1, 2, 6, and 7. Five in all.....the only thing about you situation is the newborn. Mine were small, but not that small. In my experience, the smaller they are the less predictability you can have in planning. My newborns had ridiculous sleep schedules, so I would have been hard pressed to schedule my study time around their sleeping, which is really the best way to go when you are a mom of very small ones like that. The English and speech may be pretty doable, as there is no real studying for those, but writing instead. The Math and Medical Terminology would be bigger problems, as a lot of studying and memorization is involved. Mind you, I am challenged with Math and such under even the best circumstances. This may not be the case for you. If it were me, I would just take the English and Speech. If you are determined to take more, then you may want to CHOOSE one of the others. I understand how it is when you want to get a jump on things. But, bear in mind with the fierce amount of competition for slots in Nursing programs, you want to get the best grades possible. Rather take a little less on at a time to achieve that than put yourself at risk for spreading yourself too thin with class and kids and get mediocre grades, thereby making it that much harder to get in somewhere. Hope this helps you, and good luck!
  15. SpiceChick01

    To everyone that has had experience with student loans!!

    If you go to www.tuitionanswer.com you can apply right now, OR you can call the 800 # on the site tomorrow, see what the full loan amount for your junior college is, and apply for it. They send the loan money directly to you within 2 weeks, and you don't have to deal with the school at all. But, it is based on your credit. If yours is good, you can apply alone, otherwise, they ask for a cosigner. Hope this helps!
  16. SpiceChick01

    Hey! Crnasomeday 25, trying to PM you....