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I was just wondering if anyone else has done something like this. I had a pt who was an induction, well she was NPO since midnite except ice chips we pitted her all day she delivered at around... Read More

  1. by   Texagain
    I gave one of our long term bedresting antepartums some fresh garden tomatos. She said they tasted like sunshine!

  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    any act of kindness no matter how small, is ever wasted. and yes I have done this. I remember a mom who's mother ate all her meal trays when she was my patient. so we chipped in and bought her a pizza, and YES SHE ATE IT (she was only 14, how sad but that is another thread)........It is amazing how many people are in need out there.

    Anyone see the news segment about foodlines for the working-poor in Ohio?? It's sobering, there were NURSES, retired military veterans, forklift drivers, etc in these lines No ONE was a NON working family but yet could NOT feed themselves on what their pay was! It was like a scene of the Depression and VERY scary--- It is said, we are only 3 meals from anarchy in any country. When we are hungry, we will do almost anything to eat. So your kindness was definately appreciate, Mark. And as usual, a very timely thread.
  3. by   emily_mom
    I just want to say that you are all wonderful people for showing kindness to those in need (whether it's monetary or not). We had a 14 year old delivering her 2nd (yes, you heard right) and had NO support people there. She had asked us to call her mother who swore at us, at her, and then hung up. She didn't have anyone or anything. I gave her all of my daughters baby clothes up to size 4 and her carseat, Pack n Play, and toys. The other nurses gave her gift certificates to the grocery store and one for Bath and Body to get herself something nice. The doc gave her a nice fuzzy robe and slippers. She calls once a week to let us know how things are going (better, thank god). We adopted her for Christmas and bought her and her kids some great things.

    We have a McDonalds in our hospital. Whenever I get a happy meal, I give my toy to some new big brother or sister. And a couple of times I've brought in some magazines for a long term antepartum. But that's about it.

  5. by   mother/babyRN
    I too enjoy doing things like that. I feel I am blessed to be in a position where I can do that every so often. I also make blankets, hats and donate my baby clothes to patients who don't have much. I think, in the end, it is not only something I would hope other people would consider doing, it makes me feel as though I can contribute , in some small way, to other people. Bless you all for ALL you do!
  6. by   Furball
    I used to bring food to a special pt I had while doing homecare. He was blind, endstage COPD, lived ALONE in the woods. He was a very intelligent man, always had books on audiotape playing. He lived simply but his mind was very complex. He still cooked for himself (sorta) and took excellent care of his dog. I used to spend lunch hours with him just shooting the breeze. Got him hooked on sweet potato french fries.

    He was a WW2 vet....saw alot of action to say the least. Lotsa interesting stories.

    He finally fell, broke his hip and died soon after.

    His dog was old...I adopted him when my friend died, and he passed a year later.

    My heavens...I'm bawling right now.........remembering our times.

    Mark, you have a heart of gold. Your pts are truly blessed whether they realize it or not.
  7. by   Mofe'ny
    We had a baby going home on Christmas eve --- ABO incompatibility-- NICU X 9 or 10 days. DC planning consulted. He was to be DC'd after a bili at 8pm if it didn't go up. Well, at 2100 the parents arrived, baby was to be DC'd with followup in two days. After all the paperwork was done, the RN walked the parents down and realized that their car seat was a "bouncy seat". Of course, she told them they couldn't take the baby home in that and so they left to go try to find a car seat to borrow since all the stores were closed.
    We told the attending who happened to be in the nursery what had happened. He went home, got one of his kids car seats, and brought it back. Told us to make sure the parents did not know who it came from and not to tell others that we work with.
    Well, the dad came back up about an hour later and they hadn't been able to get up with anyone to borrow a car seat from that night. You should have seen him start crying when we showed him that car seat. The mom had not even come back upstairs, because she was too upset. Of course, we also added extra diapers, formula, etc. to the baby's gift pack.
  8. by   renerian
    In home health I have seen alot of hungry people. I have bought lots of food for them. Especially kids and the elderly.

  9. by   sunnygirl272
    Originally posted by imenid37
    it's never crazy to be kind. my daughter has arthritis. when she was first dx'd, i stood in line FOREVER at a local grocery store pharmacy for her meds. i had just gotten paid and brought $120.00 cash w/ me to the store thinking i could pick up groceries too. unfortunately, it was a few dollars short for the rx's. so after waiting one helluva long time, i said to the cashier, sorry i don't have enough money, i'll have to come back. an older african american man tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a ten dollar bill. will this bring you up to what you need? you've been waiting a long time for those medicines. i was stunned. well yes that's more than enough. i think i only needed about $5.00. i told the man i'd take his address and pay him back. he said no. people have been very kind to me in the past so i'm happy i can help you out. wasn't that sweet? i'll never forget his kindness. my daughter was really sick and i was really down at that point. he was a real "angel" to me. maybe your kindness will inspire this girl to pass her kindness on to others when she is able. god bless all of you.
    that is wonderful!!! hope you have had opp to pass it on...
  10. by   UVaRN2Be
    I have gotten a signed Basketball by the basketball team for a girl "in love" with one of the players. Had him deliver it too..... She loved it... Also went out after work and gotten various food for pt's.. frosty, burgers, kentucky fried...etc.... It is totally worth it to see them happy...
  11. by   sanakruz
    Amen brothers and sisters!

    Psych pts are literally at the bottom.
    Ive given countless rides,mountains of clothes,cash for bus or cab fare,eyeglasses, cigarettes,

    Last Xmas I bought yarn and paperback books to the wimmin in the county jail. ( just the wimmin, tho).
    Because lots of them had been my pts.
  12. by   ?burntout
    One time, our central supply had run out of combs.... (can you believe that?)...anyway-every patient I had that day wanted a comb...so on my way home that night-I stopped and bought a 10 comb pack and took it to work the next day so our patients could fix their hair.....(you know, looks are everything )
  13. by   mother/babyRN
    I buy shampoo and things like that for our unit...Small price to pay for the people who don't have any....