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I am 20 and have never worn a tampon. I have tried many times, but never have succeeded. Is it physically impossible for some people to wear tampons? Or is it just me?? :( It is really... Read More

  1. by   dianacs
    Originally posted by KaroSnowQueen
    I have just ordered the Keeper and cloth pads, will let you know how they work out. Some friends of mine SWEAR by them, and say once you switch over you'll wonder what took you so long.
    I have started wearing the washable cotton pantyliners and I'll say they are GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Much more comfortable, no perspiration problems, not a big deal, throw it in the hamper with the underwear when you take them off.
    The total outlay for Keeper and a goodly supply of cloth pads is about a hundred bucks, but figure I spend at least 15 to 20 a month on disposable products, so figure I waste 100 on stupider stuff in my lifetime.
    The thing that REALLY makes this stuff sing to me is the idea of NEVER EVER having to run to the drugstore when I'm so tired I could die, and thinking, man, that thing could come any time, I'd better be prepared.
    I started using the Keeper about a year ago. LOVE IT!!! You're right, I never need to run to the store...another thing that is nice is that you can keep it in for 12 hours at a time. You don't feel it--it's way comfortable. I could go on but I absolutely must endorse the Keeper!
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    what the heck is the keeper, anyway?? Something ya'all haven't mentioned, is this thing, i dont know the name of it, but they sell it with all the feminine products, it looks like a giant diaphragm, only more cup=shaped, you insert it much like a diaphragm, and it stays in for up to 12 hours and just collects all the blood that comes out, the benefits are NO PADS, NO TAMPONS, and no leaking, you can have sex without the guy even knowing it's there, and the only reason i found out about this was, my step-sister was a stripper in her former life and they dont let the girls off during their times of the month so this is what the girls use, it's disposable, i tried it a few times but couldn't get it in, my sis says it's totally disgusting when it comes out, but might be useful on certain occasions!
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    No, that's not the Keeper. Here's a link:

  5. by   GaRN
    Try the super slims by tampax. Stand and insert just like the diagram says! and RELAX those muscles.
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    Ya'll are too funny. And yes, I am from the South. I love to read threads but very seldom post. I could not pass this one up. I can sympathize with Nolenurse. I was never able to wear tampons. Tried everything. Just never got the hang of it. And Kristi2377 I definitely know what it is like to pad up from front to back so none would "squeeze" off the pads. Men should be so lucky!

    Thankfully, those days are over. Am now 40 and proud to be among the ranks of the partial hysterectomy group. Hallelujah!!!!

    Just hang in there and remember the norm is 4 to 7 days out of every month for approximately 35 to 50 years!!! Ugh!

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    Hey, where are all the guys?:chuckle
  8. by   Tragur
    OK, since you asked.
    I was intrigued enough to look up the Keeper.
    (Reminds me of one half of the kong my brother's dog likes to chew.) If I bought one for an employee or a girlfriend, would that violate every rule of male/female relationships? Or would it label me a savy new age type of guy?
  9. by   zudy
    Well, Tragur, since you have to buy the correct size, it might make things difficult. However, I think it would certainly be a unique gift. I wouldn't suggest making pictures, tho, like Rayray's friend did.