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Well, I just got home from spending the past couple days in the hospital (again). I woke up at 0500 the other day in a small pool of blood. Like the previous bleeding episodes I've had, the bleeding... Read More

  1. by   duckie
    Love and prayers are coming your way.....keep us posted as you feel up to it!!!
  2. by   emily_mom
    Ditto on what everyone else has said. Please resume your position on the couch and come back when you feel up to it. We're thinking about you!!

  3. by   ayemmeff
    Keep on hanging on!!!
  4. by   Lausana
    Goodness! Lots of love coming to you and baby Gage
  5. by   dingofred
    Hang in there!!
  6. by   oramar
    You poor kid, you need someone to take care of you.
  7. by   Sable's mom
    Love and prayers to you and baby Gage. Sorry about the MgSO4 - it is wicked stuff, I hate hanging it, but it does stop the Preterm labors.
  8. by   KRVRN
    Best wishes.

    How far along are you now?
  9. by   tabbeycatt
    RNLou, You'll be in my prayers!
  10. by   louloubell1
    Hi again guys. I feel like I'm rested up least enough to post a message on this board.

    I'm at 27.5 weeks now. This has indeed been a rough pregnancy. I'm just tired....tired of bedrest, tired of these sudden trips to the hospital, tired of worrying, etc. I am also tired of being stuck for IVs, blood draws, steroid shots....

    I was crying in the hospital when the doctor rounded the other day, and he asked me if I wanted to try some zoloft or something. Docs are so hip on antidepressents anymore aren't they? I told him no...I'm just saddened and scared by the situation. It's not everytime that a person is "depressed" that it's due to a chemical imbalance, and it doesn't always need to be treated with drugs. Sometimes people just need to cry, you know what I mean?

    So anyway, the hope now is that I can just hold out until 32 weeks (at least). I've had no other problems really. My BP is great. Usually running 110 or so / 60 - 70. Blood sugars are fine. No swelling, no abdominal pain, no proteinuria, yada yada. H&H has been just slightly on the low fault really because I often neglect taking my prenatal vitamins because they nauseate and constipate me. I'm trying a new brand though so I'll try to be more compliant. I'm also having an echocardiogram tomorrow. Just a screening tool, no indications of any problems with my heart, but I'll be glad to just have the ticker checked out.

    Baby Gage looks to be doing just fine. No indication of IUGR, in fact he's gaining weight well, and is a little on the large side (according to US measurements) for his gestational age (which pleases the doc since he'll likely be born early).

    The doc also told my husband that if things start looking like he'll have to come too early, they'll fly me to a more specialized hospital in St. Louis. I am very relieved by that because I'm not fully trusting of the hospital where I'm supposed to deliver. (Long story short - my husband was there several years ago, and I felt that his case was extrememly mismanaged to put it mildly).

    So, thank you all again for your prayers & warm thoughts. I'll keep you informed.

    Convicted of placenta previa & serving time on couch arrest ~ Day 40
  11. by   emily_mom
    Well I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better. I was going to ask you whether or not they were going to take Gage early. Glad to hear he's big!!!

  12. by   louloubell1
    Yeah, I love a big chubby baby, lol. My last one was 9 lbs 7 oz. Not a record breaker, I know, but he was born occiput posterior & believe me....I FELT EVERY OUNCE OF HIS CHUBBINESS.

    Convicted of placenta previa & serving time on couch arrest ~ Day 40
  13. by   Lausana
    Aw sounds like he's a wouldbe-chubby baby! That counts for something

    Glad you're back to resting