Female Or Male Ob/gyn- Which Do You Prefer? - page 3

Hi, I have used a male OB/Gyn ever since I started going to see one (oh about 20 years or so). I have never been to a female doctor. I have friends who swear by them. They say only a female... Read More

  1. by   Audreyfay
    I've been to both male and female PCP's. Both have been great. However, I feel less self-conscious going to a female, so all of my doctors...except for my ortho Dr....are females. There certainly are not many female ortho doctors!
  2. by   tracydoc
    I was a nurse that became a physician (OB-GYN). I see a male gynecologist. I believe there are good and bad doctors of both sex, but chose a male gyno for the following reason. People (doctors) tend to think that everyone's experience is the same as their own. The female gynecologists I have been to assumed I felt exactly as they had. My male gynecologist listens to what I say I am feeling without preconceptions.

    See who ever you prefer, but as medical professionals we should be able to separate the sex of our own providers from the services they are providing.