Do you know the answers to these?

  1. I am a student and I just took my RN assessment exit exam today. Two OB questions really got me and I couldn't find the answers to them in my books. I know you guys are the experts.
    Question one: What are the complications for a client who experienced fear and anxiety during her pregnancy?
    a. under/overeating
    b. eclampsia
    c. labor complications
    d. post-term baby

    Question two: A client is 36 weeks pregnant and tells the nurse she has experiences contractions after having an orgasm after intercourse (weird question, I know) The nurse's most appropriate response is:
    a. Small contractions may occur for 3-4 hours after sex
    b. One long mild contraction may occur after sex.
    I dont remember the other answers. Thanks so much for the help!
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  3. by   meownsmile
    Im not a L/D nurse but i would suspect,, C for the first answer,, and possibly,, for the second it would be a normal experience,, considering that braxton hicks contractions occur sporatically throughout the last trimester of pregnancy anyway.
  4. by   Jolie
    Well, I have to say that the first question is just plug stupid! Name me a mother who hasn't experienced fear and/or anxiety during pregnancy.

    As for the second question, contractions are normal following orgasm, but the patient should contact her provider if she has more than 4-6 contractions per hour, or if they persist for more than 2 hours.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    hmmm . . . I'd guess you might have eating problems if you were anxious and fearful during your pregnancy. I was anxious and fearful during my last pregnancy because I was 43 and preggers and had 3 teenagers!! You know how stress can make you overeat or not eat . . . I'd go with the eating answer. :-) I had none of the other problems and don't see how being anxious and fearful would cause them.

    As for the "contractions" . . .what kind of contractions is she talking about? Braxton Hicks which are just a tightening of the uterine muscles or real uterine contractions? Our OB doc says real UC's are defined by changes in the cervix. If they are real, she needs to be checked. I'd be cautious either way . . . premature labor is a danger.

    Oh, I hated taking Boards . .. . pick the best worst answer questions . .arrrgggghhh!
  6. by   bklynborn
    I agree with over/undereating for the first and probably braxton hicks for the second but need more info before giving my "final answer" ha ha
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  8. by   HazeK
    first question:
    poor nutrition common in anxious pregnancies BUT anxiety often interferrs w/ labor progress..... SINCE question stipulated "during pregnancy" would tend towards under/overeating

    second question:
    answer is multiple small contractions...which is why women w/ risks of preterm labor are instructed to be on "pelvic rest" (otherwise known as "no fingers, no toes, no penis, no vibrators, no masterbation, no sexual stimulation of any kind")
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    And one more little thing that has nothing to do with your boards - 36 weeks is not considered technically preterm, so a pt would not necessarily need to call her MD if she were having contractions after sex.
  10. by   Jolie
    I have to respectfully disagree with the statement that 36 weeks is not considered preterm. When I went to school in the olden days, term was defined as 38-42 weeks. Over the years the accepted definition has been changed to 37-42 weeks, but no lower. There are some insurance companies which cut off benefits for PTL treatment at 36 weeks, but their short-sightedness in no way makes those babies term, and no prudent OB or midwife electively delivers 36 weekers. Just visit any NICU.
  11. by   nicudaynurse
    Prematurity is defined as any neonate regardless of birthweight born before 37 weeks gestation.
  12. by   Anagray
    I'm also a nursing student and your post got me thinking.
    I would pick C for the answer, just because if a person is undereating or overeating enough to cause complications, I would assume they have a serious emotional problem, and not just regular anxiety, where as fear of pain and labor, even when it's mild, is enough to cause problems.
    as far as the last question, both answers seem to be good possibilities. I really think it depends on a patient. I have overactive uterus and I've experienced both during my 1st pregnancy, this is why I put myself on "pelvic rest" with this one.

    Interesting to read all the comments.
  13. by   jessjoy
    I don't know how they expect us to know the answers to some of these questions. It doesn't seem like there is one answer everyone agrees on. I guess thats why everyone hates nursing tests!!
  14. by   Anagray
    jessoy, I had an A&P instructor, who gave us weekly quizzes on lecture and lab. While he was lecturing everything was fine, but the quizzes REALLY knocked people down. I was an A student ,who never studied, until I got to his class. Some of the questions required pure memorization, but to answer others one had to apply cirtical thinking and elimination. Apparently, he tried to "prepare" us for the clinicals. Now i see he was right, even though i was ticked off at him for asking trick quesitons.