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Morning everyone! I'm doing a paper for development psych (ugh) and was wondering how old most of you were when you had your first child and what you think the best age to start a family is. I... Read More

  1. by   Jamesdotter
    #1 31
    #2 33--the same age as my mom when she had me! (but I was #4 for her)
  2. by   Ado Annie
    I was just barely 32 when I had my boys.

    Always thought I'd do it sooner (before 30) but things just didn't work out that way. But now I'm very much OK with it. I'm more relaxed about most things, and I'm ONLY 43 and glad I still have young kids. Yes, I had more energy in my 20's, but I'm dieting and exercising and really think some of that energy will return if I drop some of this excess weight.

    A long-winded way to say it was right for me.

    About a year ago, I had a scare and thought I might be pregnant. I must admit I was terrified. We would have handled it, though, if it had happened. And I think that if I didn't already have kids, it would be fine to start at this age. But since I do have them, I'll take a pass on the sleepless nights, thank you!
  3. by   lucky4timesover
    18- baby boy
    21- baby boy #2
    23- baby boy #3
    Thank God above that they were all healthy and they are more than ever the light of mine and my husband's life.
  4. by   Graciegirlienurse
    I had my son just before I turned 15. Now I am 21 and a RN BSN. Things have really turned out ok for us. I have extremely supportive parents, I believe that a strong support system is the key for teen pregnancies. He will be grown and out when I am 32!
  5. by   kersti
    Number 1 when I was 25. (boy)
    Number 2 when I was 27. (girl)
    This seemed perfect timing for me since I had already worked a few years to get some job experience I could take a few years off to be a full-time mom, and get right back into the job with few difficulties. I had been working on an ICU, and they were happy to take me back.
    Also, I wasn't so young that I hadn't had time to experience any of the fun things in life like parties, discos, traveling. And I had completed school and worked already. I didn't feel like I had missed out on anything before.
    Looking into the future, I will still be young enough to do all the traveling and whatnot when the kids leave the house that sometimes I wonder if somebody who is 60 when their kids turn 18 or 19 will still able to do?
    Everybody does need to set their own priorities for when they think they are best able to handle offspring- even though I think that first time moms who are older than 35/40 do seem to have a harder time of it. Or at least this has been the case with the moms that I know who had children at that age.
  6. by   CseMgr1
    I was 25 when I became pregnant (Ooops, we FORGOT something, honey!), and 26 by the time I had my one and only son, who will be 28 on December 21st. It seems like I just had him yesterday.....
  7. by   Hope2BaRN
    I was 21 yrs old when I had my daughter. I was taking college classes and wanted to be a RN but wasn't taking things so seriously (you know the mentality I'm young I have forever to finish school) then I was pregnant and had my daughter and it was like all the sudden a light bulb went off and I was like I need to hurry up and finish school. I have to admit it has been extreamly difficult, I don't have much help from my husband he works and I am a stay at home mom/student he thinks his day ends when he comes home from work so I find it hard to sudy with a 2 yr old constantly wanting my attention. I just hope and pray things get easier and I can finish school. I would say about 25-29 yrs old is a good age to start a family, hopefuly by then the person would have finished school and have established a solid foundation for the child, but then again even by 29 some still arn't ready for children.
  8. by   yadda_yadda_yadda
    Firstborn @ age 21--right before entering a Surgical Technology program..He's now 18 and will graduate in May 2006. He's been over a foot taller than me since he was 14
    Youngest @ age 24-- He's now 15 & a Freshman in High School....and already over a head taller than Mom

    I started nursing school when my youngest was 2.5 years old.
    Both are great, level-headed kids! Love 'em both with all my:heartbeat !
  9. by   VickyRN
    26 - Firstborn, girl, now 24. Has MBA, living and employed in Baltimore.
    29- Son, now 21. Senior at USMA (West Point).
  10. by   ftr_bb_catchr
    21 week fetal demise-19
    #2 -20
    #3- 23
    #4- 25

    I probably wasn't ready at 20 but having her put things into perspective for me. I certainly wasn't as patient or experienced as now but it worked out ok.
  11. by   Luv2BAnurse
    1- 21

    I think there is no best age, but it sure helps to be finished with your education, and have a bit of a financial background before children arrived. Wish I had done that.
  12. by   babynurselsa
    #1 @17
    #2 @20
    #3 @32
    #4 @ 37
  13. by   JUSTYSMOM
    I was 32 with my first and 38 with my second. (boy then girl).