ACLS Question

  1. I'd like to do a little informal poll...

    Does your hospital require you to be ACLS certifited?

    (If you don't mind including some background ie: number of births per year, size of hospital, what unit you work on, that would be great)

    Currently, we are not required to be ACLS certified, but this may change.

    Thanks in advance for your responses!!
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  3. by   NicoleRN07
    Hi, I'm an ER nurse with 7 yrs experience. Our ER is 21 beds, and our hospital is a 220 bed facility. ER and ICU require ACLS, but the other areas do not, because ER responds to all codes within the hospital. It would make our lives a lot easier in the ER if everyone was required to be ACLS certified.
  4. by   PegRNBSN
    2800 deliveries a year. Level 3 350 bed hospital
    Do not require ACLS yet. Rumor has it coming within the next year
  5. by   Jolie
    The last hospital where I worked required it of LDRP nurses.

    Small hospital, with birthing unit physically separate from the rest of the facility. Level II unit with 14 LDRP rooms, 6 bed NICU, and 1 OR. Approx 1200-1500 deliveries per year.
  6. by   kirsnikity
    My hospital does about 2500 deliveries a year. 300 bed facility.

    I work in L&D, and we have to have ACLS because we recover our own sections.
  7. by   HappyNurse2005
    3000-3600 deliveries a year, approx.
    L&D/hi risk antepartum

    we do our own sections and have our own OB pacu, so acls is required of the ob pacu designated staff.
  8. by   Beech1184
    Ours requires basic CPR Ceritification and Povides a Course on Neonatal Resuscitation. I was well schooled and used to teach CPR but the Neonatal course was quite different as their needs and responses are different.
  9. by   imenid37
    Yes ACLS certification required x past10 years!
    Approx. 100 bed facility
    680 deliveries last year w/ LDRP's
    We do C/S recovery, but do not do our own OR
  10. by   enfermeraSG
    We have approximately 5-6,000 births per year, and are currently in the process of getting everyone cert'd in ACLS. (See my post regarding "OB ACLS" has anyone heard of this?)
    Anyway, I think it is a good idea. We are a 500+ bed urban hospital with 15 birthing rooms and 3 OR's. Our Mom/Baby unit has 25 beds.
  11. by   mitchsmom
    No ACLS requirement currently, but we are expecting to start doing our own OR and PACU work in the future and then it will be required.

    -number of births per year = 1000ish
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  12. by   Dorito
    Our ER an ICU staff need to be certified in ACLS. Small hospital. (about 300 births/year) Most of our OB staff are certified in Neonatal Resusc. Many of our OB nurses have completed the ALSO course (Advanced life support of obstetrics).
  13. by   DebblesRN
    1000-1200 births a year

    I work L&D, Nursery, and NICU II (mostly nursery and NICU)

    They require ACLS--have for about 2 years I believe. We circulate our own OR, and recover our patients in our own PACU.

    We have 2 prenatal testing rooms, 10 L&D beds, 2 OR's, 2 PACU beds, and our Postpartum unit has 18 private rooms, and we send all of our overflow to Womens surgical, which has another 20 beds, some semiprivate.
  14. by   flytern
    450 bed hospital, 30 bed LDRP, we do our own C/S and recovery
    which is why we have to have ACLS certification. (They say we legally have to have same skills as our main OR staff!)