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JenTheRN has 10 years experience and specializes in PERI OPERATIVE.

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  1. JenTheRN

    Which schedule would use choose?

    Actually upon further thought I would choose three. I hate getting up at the crack of dawn and then driving a while to get to work. :)
  2. JenTheRN

    Which schedule would use choose?

    I guess I would choose number two. Driving an hour to get home after a 12 hour shift can be awful! Even if it is only two days a week.
  3. You win, hands down!
  4. JenTheRN

    My Nursing Career In Six Words

    "why you do drugs when pregnant"? Insert funny-looking why-you meme here.
  5. What we really need is a FCS. Fecal Containment Specialist. That would be a specific healthcare personel to take care of all the *gasp* poo that we would otherwise come in contact with.
  6. oh my dear lord! i almost snorted out my coffee. weenrhelpr.com
  7. JenTheRN

    pet peeves when nursing students arrive

    Like many previous posters, please students, do not take up the valuable space at the nurses station by the computers! I need to chart and put orders in. It is difficult when you are there checking your email (I know not everyone does this but it has happened!) Please offer your chair to the weary nurses during report. I also love having students that are willing to learn! But I have encountered some who don't seem to realize or aren't aware that the computer / space at the nurses station is a valuable comodity for us.
  8. JenTheRN

    Who else love's their 12's?!

    Personally, I don't like working 12's. One would think that if I only work three days a week I would have more time to do other things. That's just not true. My 12 hour days are totally shot...meaning all I do is work, come home, and go to sleep. If I worked 8 hour shifts, I would be able to do something after work. Plus, on my days off I am so tired I can hardly function. Also, when I have to work overtime it usually ends up being 13, 14, or 15 hours. Personally, I don't think the human body is designed to work for 12 hours straight. Not mine anyway. But, I have a good paying job, so I put up with the 12 hour shifts.
  9. JenTheRN

    Professional Liability Insurer for L&D Nurse?

    Ok...I know my hospital provides it. Just a thought.
  10. JenTheRN

    Professional Liability Insurer for L&D Nurse?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't your hospital cover liability for all its nurses? Unless you are a travel nurse, I would think what the hospital supplies would be sufficient and supplimental insurance would be a waste of money. Your situation may be different tho.
  11. Good grief, so many people with their panties in a bunch! Look up the laws in your state and see what applies.
  12. JenTheRN

    How to compute age of gestation

    The wheels really do come in handy...I know we shouldn't rely on them, but they do work. Also, if you have a smart phone you can download an app that will calculate the gest age based on lmp or u/s.
  13. JenTheRN

    would you do this if you won the lottery

    A few years ago I would have said, yes, I would continue being a nurse. Now? I would quit. I would buy a house in the country and open a coffee shop or bakery or something.
  14. and that means it is REALLY cold in here! I don't know what happens, but as it has gotten hotter and hotter outside it keeps getting colder in my unit. Seriously, I'm snuggled up in a blankey with a warm water bottle! Why can't it just be a happy medium? My nose shouldn't be growing icicles in July.
  15. JenTheRN

    Calling Off Sick --Do You Ever Think People Lie?

    We are required to take symptoms when the person calls to track any infection control problems. Usually I just ask if it's GI or Flu like symptoms or "other". The weirdest call-off I ever witnessed: A woman's daughter called and said to call her mother off sick for the next day as they were "kipnapping her" and "making" her stay at the water park hotel they were at. Nothing said about a sickness. I never talked to the employee. She got fired for that one. It could have been solved so easily if she would have called in herself and said she had the flu or something!
  16. JenTheRN

    Nurses eating and drinking at the nurses station

    Occasionally it is necessary. The other day I had to run to the cafeteria, grab a tray, run back (well, maybe walk briskly) and try to inhale it at the nurses station before all craziness breaks loose. I managed to eat some cookies and part of my soup. But that's what you get on a unit manned only by two RNs and no ancillary staff.