2nd Interview with L&D yesterday...

  1. I believe it went well. I'll be job shadowing Wednesday evening. I really want this. Anyone who "knows" me on allnurses, knows L&D is what I've always wanted! Please...good luck vibes is all I'm asking for. I'm really excited about the job shadow! They're only hiring one nurse and they're interviewing quite a few. Makes me nervous! Any advice before my job shadow? Anyone here job shadow before they were hired?
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    [font="book antiqua"]~*~*~*~*~good luck vibes~*~*~*~*~

  4. by   ShannaRN
    I know how nerve racking it can be trying to get the position you really want. I also am having the same experience you are right now. I interview for the hospital of my dreams on Friday. Sorry I have no advice on the job shadowing but I just wanted to say I hope you get the job and good luck! :spin:
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    let us know!
  6. by   mitchsmom
    I should have asked, what exactly is the job shadow? Is it for you to be able to look around and get a feel or for the interviewer somehow???
  7. by   ShannonC
    Quote from jenrninmi
    Any advice before my job shadow? Anyone here job shadow before they were hired?

    I did the job shadow thing once but it was for a non-nursing job, back in my old life. I got the job in question and after the fact, asked about the purpose and they told me it is largely social. In other words, they hang out with you so that they can see if you're decent to be around. So, my advice is to be friendly, easy to be with, not too serious, but not an airhead. Be yourself, for certain, but be your best self. I'd say don't worry too much about impressing them with you many many skills, be more concerned about being pleasant.

    Good luck! I haven't been on these boards in ages, so I don't have the benefit of knowing you, but I sure hope you get the job.
  8. by   novanurse77
    Good luck..... i shadowed on a infant/toddler med/surg unit and i got the job. I took initiative and dove in they were really impressed. They wanna see how you fit on the floor and interact with staff.....I was told that if you got to the shadowing step your interviewer is impressed with you and in most cases you get the job. So relax and i'm sure you'll do great!!!!
  9. by   jenrninmi
    Quote from mitchsmom
    I should have asked, what exactly is the job shadow? Is it for you to be able to look around and get a feel or for the interviewer somehow???
    Job shadowing is following an RN, getting a feel for the job, see if I feel it's a good fit, see if they think I'm a good fit.
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    Thanks so much everyone! Unfortunately, I'm not the only one job shadowing. I know someone else is shadowing Tuesday, they told me that because they said any evening but Tuesday as someone else will be shadowing that day. Everyone seems great on this unit and seems like a great place to work. Thanks again, everyone! :O)
  11. by   nursecher
    Good Luck! I also hope to work in L&D oneday.
  12. by   cocco
    I shadowed 2 wks ago in the NICU and ended up getting the position. The person that I shadowed told me that she would be talking to the NM since she usually like to ask her ?s and she told me she would put in a good word. I did not do anything since the RN did not offer for me to do anything. The person I shadowed shadows a lot with students and she is also a preceptor. She was so friendly and started the conversation and kept it rolling. I asked ?s about the benefits, the working environment, the assignments, the pt care, and anything else I could think of. She also offered for me to call her when I left if I had any ?s that I remembered. I think it is largely a time for the other nurses to see how interested you are in the position and how well you click with everyone. The other nurses on the unit talked to me and introduced themselves and I went over to their pts and asked them ?s too.

    When I first interviewed with the NM she was really pushing shadowing and even though I know that this is an area I want to work in I did it cause she was pushing it so hard. She made a very good point that this is not an area that we have clinicals in when we are in school so it is a good idea to shadow. Even though we do have L&D clinicals in school the time we spend in them is so short and it is nice to at least have a small heads up as to what happens on the floor!

    If you made it through my novel Good luck with your shadowing.
  13. by   jenrninmi
    I was hired for L&D Friday morning! Thanks so much for the good luck vibes! I start Oct 16th. I'm very excited!!
  14. by   medicrnohio
    Congrats Jenn! I hope to be leaving home health soon too. I have an interview for NICU on Tuesday.

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