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If you are able to give some time, go the New York State Nursing Assoc. site below. They are linking with the Dept. of Health for volunteers.


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I wish I could help but I'm in the uk, I feel so helpless and useless that i cannot help. I shall be praying for all in the USA tonight


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I was supposed to leave for vacation in Canada tomorrow with two nurses and an EMT-P (medic). The borders are closed....and the planes down....I thought about going up and helping if they need it? I kinda feel obligated.....although.....I haven't run this by the ruler at home.....could be a problem......we'll see?


OK I went to the website....they are asking for it in the "weeks to come"..won't be able to then..:o wish I could help now......


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I understand that they aren't letting anybody in Manhattan without proper credentials. So I guess we should all just stay where we are..Correct me if I am wrong..I was told this by a nurse who works in Staten island and she told me that they aren't letting anyone in Manhattan as of right now

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dont even try... nobody is getting in or out....

if you wanna help...

donate blood....

And wait....

And pray....


Good lord, please see what I see, and save me from it all.


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Manhattan isnt the only place that needs help. NY is a city that consits of 5 boros. Casualties are being brought to all of them, NJ & Conn. Nurses are being sent to help in shelters, triage centers, and hospitals closest to their homes whether they work there regularly or not. Staten Island is isolated - cant get on or off. But casualties are being brought over by ferry & ambulance. Curtis HS on SI near the the ferry is a designated shelter. The Red Cross stations need help processing blood donors who are waiting in lines 5 hrs long. The whole city is involved in relief efforts - not just Manhattan. You can help from wherever you are. The tunnels, highways & bridges are open for emergency vehicles only. A van was caught last night in NJ full of explosives & headed for the George Washington Bridge which connects Manhattan & NJ. This is not over yet. Its a page right out of Stalins book about the power of dominence. His strategy was that one should hit NYC and the Penatgon simultaneously, give the nation time to focus all its efforts & resources on those areas.... & then hit the nation again someplace else...

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