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By request from some of you, We've have created a forum for U.K. Nurses to discuss issues. Please be sure to tell others that might enjoy this forum. Enjoy! If any established users would like... Read More

  1. by   karenG
    hi Kris

    all welcome here. the tea is masking!

  2. by   cactus wren
    Congrats to all of you...cool you have a place to natter without having to translate for all us Yanks....
  3. by   ayemmeff
    Hello Cactus
    I think we're going to be running some kind of informal translation service over here,so any time you find a weird Brit word,you all know where to come.

    Every translation comes with a free cuppa and a biscuit!(cookie!)
  4. by   mageean
    kettle is boiling and bum is parked! hello and welcome all.
  5. by   OzNurse69
    Hey, can I come & play too? I promise not to hang too much shyte on you about the cricket -- the world cup is coming up, & I may live to regret it!!
  6. by   karenG
    cricket- not a real game, its just a warm up for the rugby!! mind you- as a scot I think that you are welcome to beat the english- soften them up for us! hehe
  7. by   fab4fan
    Hey, I am a distant relative of the Queen (really, really distant, but a relative nontheless). Can I come in and play, too?
  8. by   ayemmeff
    You're my friend, so you're a member by default already,Terri!!! And look at your Avatar!!!
  9. by   Joannie
    Hi, I was born in Scotland of English and Welsh parents and have been living in New Zealand for the last xxxx years - can us expatriate Brits join in ?
  10. by   donmurray
    As there's more of you out there than in here,........certainly, come on in! Sugar and milk?
    Is it Pavlova you guys have with tea?
  11. by   Joannie
    Milk and sugar please, and I prefer stotty cake (I come from Durham)!!
  12. by   donmurray
  13. by   chrisrob
    anyone would think all we doisdrink tea no sugar thanks chris