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  1. by   danissa
    Quote from Patti 2nd gen RN
    My love for family is an expression of my faith....having faith that God will take care of her children, honoring her obedience...that is an expression of love and courage and faith...although her choice would not have been mine,how each of us choose to express that love may not be understandable to all, but it doesn't have to be...I pray that her babies are loved and taken care of by someone who loves them
    ok, just not by their mother??? Cant get my head round this, sorry, just so sad that her life could have been saved and shared with two children, what about when they ask why their mammy died??? To give them life? Or because of something written way too long ago????? This just makes my head spin. I DO respect people of different faiths, respect that they will make choices that I would perhaps not make. or death, come on.....a whole life ahead with babies you have nurtured in your body for 40 weeks or so, and a dream of the future, ....and you choose not to live that dream???
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    that is an ethical dilemma in nursing... it has been the person's faith that has chosen for him...
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    Quote from Asherah
    Let's try not to disparage other religious viewpoints, shall we? Of all people, you have constantly spouted your purported "christian" religious beliefs and here you are demonstrating intolerance towards another group who happen to believe something different than you do.

    Please think again before you decide to type.

    just rememberthis: christians are not perfect just forgiven. there is no perfect person who is going to please you

    you are certainly not perfect to judge any one christrian or not.

    now leave me alone ...."you are looking for some one to argue with" and i will ignore you after this by deleting my self from this thread so u can argue with your self only
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    Quote from Kendel
    you are certainly not perfect to judge any one christrian or not.
    Haha....this is just the pot calling the kettle black. Please, for the sake of us all, listen to your own advice with regards to calling other religious viewpoints 'cults.'

    Trust me, I try my very best to ignore ignorant and hypocritical posts. But sometimes, you just have to call it like you see it. Also, please be aware that your comments earlier in the thread come quite close or could be considered in violation of the Terms of Service as see below:

    (Discrimination, racial vilification and offensive generalizations targeting people of other races, religions and/or nationalities will not be tolerated.)
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  5. by   Spidey's mom
    This is a difficult scenario, regardless of the article saying a blood transfusion would not have saved her. In this particular case, what everyone is arguing about didn't actually happen. But, it does make us think about the "what if?".

    What if, in this case, blood would have helped?

    I too believe that everyone has a right to self-determination. Medical care cannot be forced on adults. There is a grayer area in regards to children.

    I disagree with the interpretation that Jehovah's Witnesses make about the verse regarding blood. So, that makes it harder for me because I think the mom, if blood would have saved her, was wrong in her interpretation. So, she leaves children behind for a false interpretation.

    However, everyone is entitled to believe what they want.

    Life is difficult in a free society . . . . but I wouldn't want a society that dictates our religious beliefs.

    We have freedom of religion as a foundation of our Constitution. The mother has a right to refuse blood products.

    And we have a right to be sad about it.

    There really is no other option . . . . unless we want to live in a dictatorship that tells us how to live, think, feel . . .

  6. by   FireStarterRN
    I wonder if the harsh judgers on this thread are as judgemental of mothers who neglect their health in other ways? How about a mother who fails to get a mammogram or pap smear, a mother who has promiscuous sex and contracts HIV, a mother who is morbidly obese and slowly eating herself into an early grave, a mother who continues to smoke or drink alcohol, a mother who takes a high paid job far from home requiring a long commute and dies in a car wreck, etc and so forth...
  7. by   Mexarican
    Come on people...

    this should come as no surprise...these are the same people, the only people who suffered in the Nazi concentration camps "voluntarily"!!! All they had to do was sign a paper renouncing their faith and they would be set free. How many reneged?? None! none! They chose better to die a horrible death along side the jews instead of reneging their faith. My source: the JW section in the holocaust museum in New York. They have a section there and till this day that fact has left a huge impression on me. Their faith is insurmountable! To us, it may seem odd, or even foolish, or even downright inconceivable! But if "faith" in general had a blueprint...that would be it. Till the death. I haven't met too many religious being one of them who would give there only life for their faith...not too many of those around. In fact many people wouldn't sacrifice the gas it takes to drive to church let alone their life. Some would call it fanatical...but why?? Maybe it's just that we can't understand...because we are not at that level religious wise...i always wonder what kind of faith would it take to die for it, don't get me wrong, i'm not refering to people who sacrifice their own lives to kill people like suicide bombers and so on...i'm talking about pure unadulterated faith that in the face of certain death, you don't choose to save your own neck for fear of what would be left behind...i struggle to understand it...but it is unbelievable i guess...

  8. by   Dixiecup
    So, I'm curious. What do the JW's think happens to all the rest of us that do accept blood transfusions. If they believe that strongly, I'm sure they believe that the rest of us will not be going to heaven. Do they think we're all condemned or do they think we'll go to heaven because we believe differently.:uhoh21:
  9. by   cmo421
    I am in awe at some of the responses on here since that post started. I am thinking we need to adapt the age ole party rule here, never discuss religion or politics at a social function. This is a nurses socialworld at times, so maybe that rule should be here too. When people can not agree to disagree, it is time to stop all together.
    There is only one entity that has a right to judge someone ,and that entity will do it in their world. So lets make friends and go on.
    Just my two cents! Have a good day all!
  10. by   goldcoastgirl
    Good luck on becoming a RN. I graduate this Spring.
    Quote from CyndieRN2007
    Sad, but it was her right to refuse. My heart breaks for the baby twins, to have to grow up without ever knowing their mother.
  11. by   GusgirlRN
    I just wish I could have a jehova's witness explain to me why they don't accept blood. What is the biblical reference? I think they use the same bible most christians do, don't they? I wish I knew more about JW so I could see it from their point of view. If I understood their point, it would be easier to accept.
  12. by   Spidey's mom
    The best thing is to go to their website and read.

    Genesis 9:4 "But you must not eat meat that has its lifeblood still in it."

    There are other passages you can see on the website.

    I personally think they misinterpret this - eating is not the same as blood transfusions.

    But, as I said, this is America and we have freedom of religion.

    It becomes a bit stickier when kids are involved.

  13. by   missgigius
    Quote from GusgirlRN
    I just wish I could have a jehova's witness explain to me why they don't accept blood. What is the biblical reference? I think they use the same bible most christians do, don't they? I wish I knew more about JW so I could see it from their point of view. If I understood their point, it would be easier to accept.
    JW's would be more than happy to explain our belief about blood to you and explain to them why you want to know. (They will not try to convert you)My suggestion to you would be simply contact the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in you area. Or go to the website: (this is the ONLY official website for Jehovah's Witnesses) and look under medical, there is great information there. It is always a good idea to ask JW's why we believe what we believe instead of receiving second-hand information from others. I think it is wonderful for you to have the desire to learn more about why we make this choice to refuse blood.