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  1. by   Huq
    Stupid me! I do not understand 'essays which have to be in on Tuesday'
    Is this new terminology? I know I am an old nurse, but not THAT old.
    Twenty one pounds for five hours is about the equivelent of minimum wages in the US.
    I think the only thing 'better' about nursing in the US is the salary. Be happy that you are training in the UK. I am glad I did.
  2. by   Whisper
    Thats not stupid, I forget that other people don't always understand my babble, I am working on two essays and have at the minute 300 words left, and the essays are due in on the 13/05/03, ie Tuesday.

    See what I mean about the babble, the actual essays are on, DNR orders, and the other is on critiquing a care plan.

    I am not sure about nursing being 'better' anywhere else, I am sure the better money is a major plus, and I would love to work in the US sometime, but I am not sure I could cope with being that far away from home, Plus I am training under the new MAD making a difference programme, which differs from project 2000, as I should have had no non branch placements (although due to a shortage of placements I have had one mental health placement)
    Which means no one who qualifies on my course will have the required 40 hours placement & theory in each branch required to apply for the conversion to work in the US, I think the government has finally realised they are loosing waaay too many nurses to the US, and are trying to make it as hard as possible.

    Going back to my essays now.
  3. by   Huq
    Thank you and the best of luck.
    Keep in touch. I would love to hear your progress
  4. by   liberalrn
    I love it!! Loved the brookview site....especially the music and the pubs! Was just in UK last October--London, and Durham. Wonderful time, such nice people....wish I had thought of working over there 20 years ago......kind of hard to do so now with 3 kids and mortgage....
  5. by   Rocknurse
    I thought the Brookview site was hilarious! I think Americans have a hard time understanding our sense of humour. That is one thing I am dreading about going to work in America, as I like to joke and "take the mickey" a lot. I really hope I don't offend anyone!
  6. by   Huq
    Please don't worry Rocknurse. You will not offend anyone, in fact, I bet the joke will always be on you and you will probably make life long friends.

    I was invited to a great party, everyone was friendly and amusing and it did not matter that I could not understand much of what they were saying. The host and hostess and most of their guests were Texans and this was the first time I had experienced a Southern drawl. The party over we all walked to our cars with the hostess standing at the door waving.
    She called "Y'all come back now" I turned, went back to her and asked, very politely, if something was the matter. The whole crowd collapsed with laughter.

    Many years have gone by and although we seldom see one another we have remained the best of friends, email or IM nearly everyday. She always signs off. 'Y'all come back'