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Nursing Students Treated Like 3rd Graders


I am just curious as to what others would think if this happened to them.

In lecture, we were beginning a series of 25 point quizzes and everyone was sitting there waiting for the quiz to be handed out . . . then the instructor says, "bring all of your backbacks or whatever up to the front of the room and put them against the wall." So we did. Then she says, "everything, purses too." One student was so offended she said, "I have a tissue in my pocket--do you want to look at that too!?".

Personally, I found it offensive. I did not get this far by cheating and don't appreciate being treated like a child. Apparently, most of the class agrees with me--but what can you do? It is obvious she does not think the nursing students are trustworthy.

One time, when trying to stress a point, the instructor said to the class, "now repeat after me" and made the whole class repeat what she said. I was so offended by this that I can't even remember what it was that she was trying to stress. It has gotten to the point where some students are so disgusted, they get up and leave class while the instructor is still lecturing.

Needless to say, my instructor(s) never cease to amaze me.:bowingpur


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I can see both sides. Some people DO cheat. Perhaps there has been a problem with someone in your class that you are not aware about. We have 2 in our class that cheat out in the wide open. They have never been caught by an instructor. When we did tell the instructor what we observed, she simply said that she couldn't do anything b/c she didn't witness it herself. Maybe something has been brought to her attention that makes her act this way?

Our instructors say to us all the time "Now, repeat after me". We all know that is code for "Listen up, I'm telling you a test question!"

We have to leave our backpacks & stuff in car during test/quiz! Leave our keys @ front of rm to pick up on way out of door! We are not even allowed to have hats or sunglasses on! Also have assigned seating during test/quiz! We are spread out like 1st graders! Been like this since 1st test, so I assumed this was normal for NS!

I am just curious as to what others would think if this happened to them.

It does happen, in a lot of nursing programs, I'm not sure why you are so surprised and offended. Every day students find new ways to cheat or game the system, thus administrators and faculty must try to prevent those students from doing so and keep the playing field level for everyone in the class.

We also have a to sign an honor code for each exam and assignment. My point is, take your energy over being offended, and put it towards something productive, like studying.

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We had an instructor who did the same thing (leave the backpacks at the back of the class). I don't know why you should take it personally. I just shrugged and moved on. There are lots of cheaters in the world.

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Don't feel bad, all of our personal belongings are placed in the back of the room. Even drinks!! In fact, I went to pick up my stuff after the test was over and I realized someone had snatched up my Diet Coke!!!!!!! I was mad!!! Hope they enjoyed my germs.:D

Although, you didn't cheat your way to where you are, sadly, there are plenty of nursing students who did/have. I was in a class FULL of cheaters! And even with all the safeguards the instructors put in place, the cheating still continued.

We had to put all belongings at the front of the room just like you. No hats etc could be worn during testing time, not even bottle of water could be on your desk. The ONLY thing allowed on your desk was the test and something to write with. And heaven forbid you were caught with a cell phone in your pocket...WATCH OUT! I guess at one time, there were students who were texting each other the answers back and forth. And some of them were even taking cell phone pics of the test to give/sell to others who had to take the test. Oh, the water bottle thing, people had put info on the labels and used that to cheat from. Some people had iPods hidden in their poctets, snaked up the wire for the ear phones and had info on the subject being tested on the iPod. People never cease to amaze me. if they only put forth that much energy and smarts into studying as they did in ways to cheat and get away with it, they would all have 4.0's!

Like the other poster, I am surprised that you are surprised by this and offended. Its a general thing, its not like they said Mollybee YOU have to put your stuff at the front of the room because we think you are a cheater. Not everyone is trustworthy, its a sad thing, but its the truth.

The NCLEX test is conducted the same way. NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING is to be brought into the testing room, it all has to be left in the lockers.

The "repeat after me" thing, wouldn't offend me at all. Sounds like your instructor(s) are like mine were..they are saying "hey listen up, you WILL see this on a test...hello...listen up" without coming right out and saying, "hey this is a test question and here is the answer"

Yeah, we aren't allowed to have anything on the tables either. No water bottles, no keys, no tissues, no anything. And this year the teachers made a new rule: we aren't allowed to bring in our own scantrons anymore. Apparently, last year someone cheated by writing stuff on their scantron and tried to erase it before turning it in. So now we have to buy 6 scantrons (or how many we'll need for the entire semester) and hand them to our instructor prior to our first test, and she will give them out individually during each exam.

I hate cheaters. It's those 2% that make the rest of us 98% look bad.

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We were video taped during a test once, b/c someone was reported cheating. We were expected to place our belongings at the front of the classroom, when entering when we had a test.

If making sure cheaters are caught means doing that, then do it. I don't want a cheater working beside me or taking care of my sick family.

I doubt they'll go so far as to make you line up single file with your finger over your mouth in the "shh" position. LOL


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As my professor said as she had us leave our bags at the front and checked our water bottles and kleenex packets that she HATES playing cop. HOWEVER, she stated that she is getting to an age where if she goes into the hospital, she will have her students taking care of her. She stated she doesnt want any cheating nurses working on her, and I agree. And cheating does happen.

Now my class doesn't seem to have as much problem with cheating as they do with whining when they don't get their way (i swear the avg age in my class is 4 y/o) but thats a complaint for another thread...



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We have to take all our tests in a testing center. You are not allowed to take in anything (purse, keys, cell phone, paper, even own pen or pencil). You must leave your things in the car, and pay a quarter to lock your keys etc in a locker. They will give you a pencil, and scratch paper if allowed. Last test I took they only gave me one piece of scratch paper, and I write big so I asked for a second, but was told only one was allowed. They also keep the scratch paper when you are finished.

During a lot of my pre reqs I had to take classroom tests. Most of my major science instructors had us take our backpacks, purses etc and leave at the front of the room. They would also make us spread our desks apart to leave a ton of space between each.

As one teacher said you can look down in desperation, up for inspiration, but don't let me see you looking to the side for information.

Yeah, we have lots of whining and lots of unnecessary gossip.

Personally, I would be happy if my instructor did that! I'm not in nursing school yet, but I have finished all of my pre-reqs and I can tell you that cheating was rampant at my school (and most of the cheaters were people who were applying to nursing school).

Cheating is serious, no matter what the subject. However, when students are cheating to get through nursing school, then it becomes dangerous. As other posters have already stated, I would not want someone who cheated working on me or my family.

You should not be offended by this. You should be glad that your school is doing everything they can to try and stop cheating. As long as you're not cheating, then these actions have no effect on you.

One time, when trying to stress a point, the instructor said to the class, "now repeat after me" and made the whole class repeat what she said. I was so offended by this that I can't even remember what it was that she was trying to stress.

I've done this before in classes, usually for two reasons:

1) It was important information, and I could see several people in the class were completely disengaged, half asleep.

2) It was important information, and I wanted to emphasize it in a funny, "HEY PAY ATTENTION" kind of way.

I doubt your instructors sit around and think up ways to offend you. Better to put that energy toward your studies. You'll find yourself continually offended if you don't let some of that slide. Don't take it personally; I'm sure it wasn't intended as a personal insult.

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I have no problem with the thing about bringing all personal belongings to the front of the classroom, no hats, etc. It seems not an insignificant number of students will cheat if given one iota of opportunity.

I always feel a bit vigilant and on-edge for exams related to the cheating aspect. Due to my grades, I make sure I arrive quite early and sit in the front row a few feet from the instructor, as close as I can get to her. That way, there's little question that my high grades come from anyone but me. I also don't want fellow students cheating off my scantron.

Try not to take it personally - it isn't personal.

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I don't see a problem with it. We had to leave our belongings in the front or back of the room during exam time. Didn't affect me at all. Don't let it bother you so much.


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Don't feel bad, all of our personal belongings are placed in the back of the room. Even drinks!! In fact, I went to pick up my stuff after the test was over and I realized someone had snatched up my Diet Coke!!!!!!! I was mad!!! Hope they enjoyed my germs.:D

:yeah:Don't touch my Diet Coke!!!:lol2:

We aren't allowed to even bring anything into the room...

I'm just amazed at how many people CHEAT and don't see anything wrong with it!:down:

We have to leave everything in our car- (purse, books, drinks) and we have to leave our keys at the front of the room. The only thing we bring is a #2 pencil. They provide the scantron & test. It doesn't bother me. Anything that may deter a cheater is fine w/ me.

I think sometimes we're too hard on the professors. Put yourself in their shoes, theyre not gaining anything from asking you to do silly things.

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