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Being that many hospitals now have hiring freezes and new grad freezes, maybe schools should also have student freezes. Like, freeze enrollment for a semester or two. Then when the job market picks up, start enrolling students again.

Yeah, I know it's not going to happen. Just throwing it out there for discussion.

Schools offer education, not employment. If schools did what you suggest, closed down (at least temporarily) departments that offer degrees with which it's hard to find a steady job, there wouldn't be a college or university in the US that still had a fine arts program (and we would all be worse off because of that ...) :)

IMO, it's the responsibility of the student to make an informed choice about a college major and future career (indeed, whether to attend college at all, or pursue some other avenue to employment).

The freezes will lift soon. The Boomers, who were going to cause the massive shortages (and in a very short time as they age, extensive strain on the system), took major hits to thier 401K's in the past few years. They will stay a bit longer than expected, to build themselves back up, but they won't stay forever. And when they leave, they will create a massive hemorrhage that won't be fillable with all of the nursing schools graduating every possible student they can.

Hiring freezes are a normal occurance, they happen in almost all sectors and they happen every once in a while, as the economy moves through it's phases. No need to create even more of an issue when it comes back up by not having the trained people available and ready.

CUNY Hunter is currently not accepting nursing applications until the Fall 2012 semester.

Nursing schools need to make money, so I highly doubt that will happen. Maybe they can stop churning out graduates twice a year, and instead limit it to once a year.

Specializes in Pediatric Pulmonology and Allergy.
CUNY Hunter is currently not accepting nursing applications until the Fall 2012 semester.

That's very interesting. Although, they're probably not suspending the program itself. They just have a huge backlog of applicants. Also, to do nursing in Hunter you first have to enroll as an undergrad--you can't apply directly to the nursing program.

In CA it's all about getting an externship, if you aren't in the system and actively at the hospital it's going to be a long frustrating wait

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