What does "s/t" mean?

  1. I'm trying to do my careplan for class. They gave us a scenario and template but I don't know what s/t stands for.
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  3. by   chare
    Frequently used as an abbreviation for secondary to.

    You might also see it written as 2 or 2/2.
  4. by   Jonathank
    We were told to use s/t instead of r/t if the defining characteristic you cite in your NDX statement is an MDX rather than a sign or symptom.
  5. by   mymoment4life
    thanks guys!
  6. by   morte
    hmm is this new? never saw it in 25+ years.
  7. by   maggiemae1013
    when we use S/T it always means skin tear. never seen it used as meaning 'secondary to'.
  8. by   Jonathank
    Quote from morte
    hmm is this new? never saw it in 25+ years.
    Could be. The same NI told us not use the word "poor" to describe skin turgor (she wants us to say loose or tented instead), but I see it described that way in just about all our books and materials...
  9. by   Lfanny
    safety and tolerabiity
  10. by   chare
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