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If you've been accepted to the "U" for either the Accelerated or basic BSN Fall 2009 program...introduce yourselves. I got into the ABSN & want to get know any future Canes. =)... Read More

  1. by   UF-UM
    Hey, Thanks for all those helpful tips!

    I am starting this upcoming Fall '09. These are the courses I am going to take:
    NUR304 AX 6 M 8:00-11:20 A A. Vega
    NUR307 FX 3 M 1:00-3:30 P N. Apatov
    NUR314 QX 3 T 1:00-2:40 P J. Sikkema
    NUR315 NX 3 T 8:30-11:0 A TBA

    Do you have any advice or tips on how to study, for the courses with these particular professors?

    And I also read from previous threads that not all books are necessary, that some class notes are enough. Which books are a must have? Which books should I save my money and not buy?

    Here is the Textbook List:
    NUR 304 AX Adult Health I:
    Nursing 304 (pkg)(summer 2009) Author:Elsevier

    NUR 307 FX Pharmacology:
    Drug Therapy in Nursing (Set:Txt/LYNN:Lipp)(w/CD) Edition:3rd Author:Aschenbrenner
    Drug Therapy in Nursing (SG) Edition:3rd (Recommended) Author:Aschenbrenner

    NUR 314 QX Health Assessment:
    Physical Examination etc (w/CD) Edition:5th Author:Jarvis
    Pocket Companion for Physical Examination etc Ed: 5th Author:Jarvis
    Physical Examination & Health Assessment (DVD) Author:Mosby
    Physical Examination etc (Online Course) Ed: 5th Author:Jarvis

    NUR 315 NX Pathophysiology:
    Essen of Pathophysiology (w/CD) Edition:2nd Author:Porth
    Essen of Pathophysiology (SG) Edition:2nd Recommended Author:Porth
  2. by   Kimberly*Pink
    Hey UF-UM, check the other thread you just posted this in, I replied to your questions!
  3. by   tatiny03
    Hey thanks Skywalker, Second time my house gets broken into...=(. So cool to hear that your now starting fall 09 with the rest of us! Well hope to meet all of you in Orientation on the 23...are you going to both orientations the UM orientaion 20th and the 23rd Nursing Mandatory one?
  4. by   UF-UM
    Thanks I just checked the other post. Thank you for the very valuable information.
  5. by   starmickey03
    Could you guys tell me your stats when you got accepted into the program please? I applied to UM last night but did the second degree traditional track instead of the accelerated track.