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There is an issue going on at health care facilities about nurses who are still working as nurses well into their 60's and 70's. Assuming everyone ages differently, consider the effects of aging... Read More

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    This was an assignment for one of my nursing classes. The topic was hypothetical. I wanted to choose a subject that was unique to all the other ones my classmates chose. Thank you for all your input and opinions. I got way more feedback than I thought I would, I really appreciate it.

    Hypothetically if the nurse (no matter what the age) is performing up to standards than there is no issue. I was aiming more for nurses who struggle with the AGING aspect effecting their job and their co workers. Maybe there will never be a mandatory retirement age for nurses, but what then, should happen? I have MUCH respect for any nurse, young or old- so this isn't about a war between older vs younger nurses. But where do we draw the line between putting patients and co workers at risk and allowing people to live out their lives and work for as long as they choose?
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    I agree. Nurses should work together, not snipe. If a nurse of any age does something unsafe or merely irritating, it is up to the complainer to address it DIRECTLY with that nurse. It is not a matter of age alone. I once learned a lot from a nurse who addressed everyone with a big smile, and in a joking way. She made her points too.