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  1. Stressed at Clinical

    Thank you for the great advice. I am also a 4th semester student about to graduate in May. It feels good to know that there are other nursing students who feel the same way as I do. The thing I get worried about is the unknown. Not knowing who my nur...
  2. Stressed at Clinical

    As nursing students, we all get nervous for our first clinical day. I have had many clinical, and it never fails, I always get nervous/excited/stressed before I start my shift. How do you deal with your stress on your clinical day? Have you ever had ...
  3. Retirement in the nursing field.

    Brit, I think that is an awesome idea. I know a lot of older nurses and many of them still practice nursing because they LOVE it so much. They live for it. Having an alternative job for them will still provide them with that needed security and love ...
  4. Retirement in the nursing field.

    This was an assignment for one of my nursing classes. The topic was hypothetical. I wanted to choose a subject that was unique to all the other ones my classmates chose. Thank you for all your input and opinions. I got way more feedback than I though...
  5. There is an issue going on at health care facilities about nurses who are still working as nurses well into their 60's and 70's. Assuming everyone ages differently, consider the effects of aging (such as decrease in vision, hearing, unsteady gait, ec...