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  1. HELLO, hello everyone!

    I am a nursing student in the second semester of my junior year (one yr left, YAY). I have noticed that almost everyone I know in the nursing program have an interest in ICU or ED. I wish to go into oncology, L & D, mother baby, women's health...Besides ICU, ED, what other specialties would you all like to go into??
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Mental Health/Psychiatric (a fascinating specialty to me)
    Rehabilitation (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) (very interesting clinical rotation)
    Wound Care (one of my main interests)
    there is also substance abuse/recovery
    operating room/PACU
    public health nursing (not a high paying specialty by any means)

    My sister went for pediatrics/pediatric emergency care. She later got certified to inspect day care centers/nursery schools for her state, worked in pediatric preventative health (child abuse & neglect prevention/evaluation nurse for child protective services) and now teaches pediatrics at the BSN level.
  4. by   nurse simmy
    I'm one of the few in my class who does not want to go into ICU, or ED, or even Peds. I absolutely loved the psych rotation, but I am also drawn to hospice. So much of what we've been learning is how to keep people alive, and sometimes it is just time to let them go. It is important to me to help people have a "good" death and help the family cope with their loss.

    But to be honest, I will probably take any job I can find, which will probably be a general med/surg floor.

    My long term goal is to be a nursing instructor, and my director told me that a strong med/surg background is what she looks for when hiring.

  5. by   CAT-CNA
    Hello to you too! I am not in nursing school yet--taking prereqs--but i would love to do L&D, mother-baby, or wound care, wounds are interesting :-)
  6. by   ImThatGuy
    I think our majority want to work in OB with some in NICU then general peds and finally insurance. One wants to go CRNA, and I want to, even if I have to go back to my old/current career, avoid specialties where the patient contacts last more than a few hours, lol.
  7. by   lrobinson5
    I'm not sure! I'm waiting to see each specialty firsthand so I don't put my foot in my mouth :P

    I think the go-to specialty is mother-baby because babies are so cuddly and cute. Any part of that you would think is enjoyable!
  8. by   pitaya
    Global Health.
    That is the whole reason I got into it in the first place.
  9. by   mfrancisco
    I am going into my second semester. I am interested in Neuro and/or Oncology. I am interested in working with patients with brain tumors. I am very excited to be doing my Neuro rotation in the second half of this upcoming semester.
  10. by   Jingles39
    I'm also just pre-nursing, but I can't imagine working anywhere else other than oncology....ok, maybe a little bit of hospice thrown in on the side....but other than that, it's oncology all the way.
  11. by   mamabear4
    I am also a nursing student and have been a CNA for a long time. I always enjoyed LTC and ALF but since I have to have hospital experience I am REALLY interested in OR. I don't honestly think I could work L&D, even though I love babies, or peds.