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  1. Hey guys, I have an interview survey due Monday and have'nt got a client yet. Its supposed to be a well elder over 70. Its only 15 questions. I don't know anyone over 70 except my grandparents, but its a long distance call,they are in poor and I have'nt talked to them in years. My mom has a friend, but have'nt talked to her in years. Should I try to call her a do it over the phone if she agrees or set up a time to do it in person? I only have 1 day left (I know I procrastinate). My parents are in their early 60's, think I should just use them? You don't have to put a name down, but me gf says the instructor will know by the answers. As a last resort, does anyone on here know anybody that age that can maybe do one over the internet? Or any other suggestions?
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Only suggestion i have is to take this assignment seriously, try not to pick somoene just to get it done. Actually learn something from talking to a person, instead of talking to someone just to get an assigment done.

    Sorry, but i'm getting the idea from your post that anyone to interview will do, just to get it done in a timecrunch. That saddens me.
  4. by   Medsport
    I think I understand why they're having us do one, since we start actual clinicals at a retirement home next week. It is kind of difficult for me though as I'm not very good at making small talk. My gf says I'm not a "social" person, but she must see something in me to have stayed with me the past 8 months. We're kind of opposites. Shes very outgoing and labs and clinicals are'nt going to bother her, but she gets stressed with tests. For me, I get very nervous in labs and the thought of clinicals, but can read a chapter the day before a test and get an A or B...
  5. by   Daytonite
    Try going to a local nursing home or assisted living facility. Sunday afternoons after lunch are a good time. Or, call the facilities in the morning and tell the nurses that you are a nursing student and what you need for an assignment. Don't be discouraged if one turns you down or doesn't seem friendly. Try another. These facilities can usually come up with a talkative patient who will suit your purpose and what would be a good time to come over. It will also be a good opportunity for you to get a little look at what goes on in these facilities.

    Another idea would be to go to a church service. Many social activities follow the church service. If you explain what you are doing to the minister, I'm sure you can also find someone there to interview as well.
  6. by   BeccaznRN
    We were required to do a similar assignment in my nursing program before going into the clinical setting. However, we could NOT use a relative or someone that we were close to - the whole point being that we wouldn't have that level of "comfort" with the elder and we would get some much needed practice with communicating with patients that we did not know. It's not comfortable at first discussing a patient's bowel movements with him/her!

    What a lot of people did in our class was offer up our own grandparents to other students....worked out very well! I ended up doing mine on the father of one of my parent's good friends.
  7. by   Medsport
    Just to let you guys know, I called my moms friend and it went ok. I probly called at a bad time as the OSU game was on (but that was one of the activities she enjoyed. The only problem is I did'nt get very long answers. She could'nt think of an answer for what makes you laugh or what do you fear most? So we just went with lots of things. We're supposed to have at least a page, but if I put in the question and answers it may be close. I guess I did learn that somebody over 80 is still very alert and active and does'nt have any major health problems...
  8. by   Tweety
    Glad to hear it turned out well. I recently had the same assignment and interviewed my over 70 dad. I emailed him the questions and he created a word document and thoughtfully answered the questions. (He's very computer saavy, having gotten a computer before myself). I learned a lot about him and the elder's way of thinking. It was quite interesting.
  9. by   Daytonite
    Just want to point out that those short answers and the fact that she might have had some difficulty coming up with some responses should be things you should note on your write up. These are assessment items that relate to cognitive functioning in the elderly that some day, the significance of, will be made clear to you.
  10. by   RFrank4
    I have an assignment coming up, involving the interview of an elderly person, 75+ who is in good health. As my elder relatives do not take care of themselves, I called up a local assisted living (note: call assisted living Or retirement homes-Not nursing homes) facility and spoke to the activities director.

    Many clients would love a visit-she had a couple of people in mind and asked them. Both accepted the offer, so I have a classmate in similar situation who is going in on this as well. Just bring something nice-flowers or some muffins, serve some coffee/tea (every facility has it there!) and make an enjoyable visit out of the interview. Take advantage of the facilities in your area! Activity Directors are probably the best contact person who's willing to do this, and can help you find someone fitting the assignment's qualifications.

    Just remember, this is an assigment where you represent your nursing school and profession. Dress nicely, act professionally and courteous. Make a great impression on the staff and the resident-you just may look at them as an employer when you pass your LPN or RN boards!

    Hope this has helped.