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  1. Medsport

    PTO payout

    I recently accepted a new job that is half the distance and pays about $2 more an hour than my present job. I like my present job, but the drive is getting old and the pay is more or less stagnant. So I called in the other day to put my 2 week notice in (and told them I would consider staying PRN) and figured the worst they could do is pay out 1/2 my PTO in which I have over 50 hours. Well, they said since I didn't request it before I put in my notice, they were not going to pay. I don't think that's right. Another employee stated that when they went PRN a couple years back, they kept their PTO time. I don't care about keeping it, just cashing it in and I can't find anything in the policy pamphlet I have that specifically states what the rules are. What do you guys think? Should I put in to request to get paid for some or all of it since its still technically on my online check portal? Or should I call and state what I found on the website blr.com, which says "Even where state law does not specifically require employers to pay out accrued vacation upon termination, a consistent practice, written policy, or contract promising such payment may create an enforceable legal obligation to do so." and threaten to hire a lawyer if they still refuse to pay. I know this approach may burn bridges and I'm still not sure how the new job is going to work out, but it probably wouldn't be that hard to find another PRN job if needed since I have over 10 years experience now.
  2. Medsport

    What are registries paying LVN's in 2017

    That's ridiculous. Its more than I made my first LPN job, although that was almost 9 years ago. I only make a few dollars more than that now, but it looks like pay is starting to go up a lot of places and why I'm thinking of finding a new job.
  3. Medsport

    time for new job?

    Anybody? I still keep going back and forth as to take it or not. I was supposed to send the paperwork back for background check and drug screen, but haven't yet and its been almost a week. Do you guys think its too late? There wasn't really a time frame on it, but they wanted me to tentatively start next week. Do you think I should send it in to give me more time to decide and/or call her and tell her I'm still thinking about it, but would have to delay starting for a couple weeks d/t me putting in vacation and for the 2 week notice?
  4. Medsport

    Still NO job

    Getting the first job is hardest. After you have some experience its a lot easier.
  5. Medsport

    time for new job?

    I've been a nurse for almost 9 years, mostly LTC. Been at present position about a year and half. Its a basic NH with a "behavior" unit I work at least once a week. It can be very challenging at times and we are almost always short-staffed and think the management is only concerned with the bottom line. So I'm thinking of getting a new job and I've had a couple interviews in the past fews week. Both places offered me the job on the spot. One was closer to home (15 miles compared to almost 40 now), but paid less and it didn't sound that great. The other one from last week pays almost $2 more an hour, which I really need as its getting hard to break even without picking up a couple times a month. They also are offering a 2k bonus. The thing is its in another state (about 45 mile drive), I would have to get an endorsement and they wanted me to start like next week and I already signed up for vacation time for the next week at my current job, plus I have a bunch of PTO I haven't used up yet so I hate to quit right away. I'm used to working 12's on night shift and I kind of like it as its more days off. The new job usually works 8's, but she agreed to let me work 12's if I signed on. So what do you guys think? My sister doesn't think I should take it as its in a bigger city and the drive. She thinks I should apply at the local nursing home that is hiring, but its a standard skilled facility (I'm used to working in AL and memory care) and they are only offering 8 hour shifts. I did a search and also word-of-mouth and found a couple other places that sound pretty good near my present job. They are much newer (campus-like) with good benefits and I'm sure they pay better too. But they are about 5-10 miles further drive than now also. Its stressful starting new jobs and my present job is "usually" pretty laid-back if I'm on the AL hall, but there just doesn't seem to be much if any future growth and they rarely if ever give raises.
  6. Medsport

    let go

    Well now I've got another predicament guys. I started a new job last week at a place that's a little further away, but they pay is pretty good. The med passes are really heavy and it looks like I will have to jump around on different halls for now and some nights work on a behavior unit, but there is some down time in the middle of the night as long as nobody falls or anything. In the mean time my prn job is having trouble staffing the night position and they had been calling me almost every day last week. I hadn't called them back since I was training and then had to work two 12's on my own and really needed a break this weekend. I probably should call them back and at least tell them whats going on, but don't want to over do it working almost every night at least until I feel comfortable at the new job. IDK, it is closer but the pay and benefits aren't as good. The med pass is lighter, but it seems you are always running the whole shift doing busy work. I do get along with the DON there though and have hardly talked to the one at the new job. As far as unemployment, it looks like I was finally approved even though I could never get through to talk to anyone. But now I'm behind on the documentation by a few weeks. The first week I made just over the amount to get anything because I worked 2 days that week I think. Not sure if I shorted myself since I worked a Sat. that went into Sun. half the shift, but didn't want to get audited if that counted as the previous week or the next. Not sure what to do about cancelling the unemployment or what since I've been so busy working and doing my taxes, ect. I hadn't had time to read through everything. I imagine you would just tell them you are working full time now.
  7. Medsport

    let go

    Well because they just took me off the schedule and never called me back about picking up any hours. I only vape for the nicotine because I believe it helps my U.C.
  8. Medsport

    let go

    Anybody? I'm starting to really get discouraged. I've applied at a half dozen places and yet to hear anything. My mom thinks I should call the place that was supposed to get back to me last week, but I figure if she said she would call and hasn't they are not interested. I noticed that a place I worked before prn is hiring, but stopped working there last summer. I don't believe I was fired, but some of the 1st shift nurses didn't like me for some reason I think. Do you think I should call them to see if they might be interested in me coming back? I have to find something real soon. If I don't I think my only option will be to try something in truck driving. I really don't want to do OTR though and know its hard to find something local just starting out and don't know how I'm going to make money while training for 3-4 weeks. I did hear of a place that will pay you a little while training, but you have to sign a contract with them for like a year. Another possibility is going ahead and filing unemployment so that would help until I get the license. Only thing is I still don't know if I would be approved and since I'm picking up a day here or there at my prn job, not sure what to put down as my last day of work or if prn jobs even count as far as getting benefits?
  9. Medsport

    let go

    I'm starting to think I'm SOL. I thought my interview went well and she said she would let me know by end of the week. She said she had to contact my references and the job I got fired at so I was honest with her about most of what happened. Although I did leave the alleged touching part out because after all it was alleged (I did not do it) and from the paper I signed was not fired for that. Well I didn't hear from her yet and I waited to sign up for some hours at my prn job because I thought for sure I would be training this week. Now the hours are covered until end of next week. I'm about out of money already and have house and car payment coming up and my cc is nearly maxed (small credit limit d/t bk a few years ago). So what do I do now? I'm starting to ramp up the applying for jobs and starting to go out of the area a bit. I wanted to stay closer this time to save on gas and for the winter driving, but I've either worked at or applied and not been hired to all the NH in town. The one hospital is still hiring, but they didn't call me back since they are non-smoking and I said I did when I applied since I know they test (although technically I don't smoke since I vape, but it does have nicotine). Anyway, should I apply at something like HH or a couple of the staffing places? A family member thinks I should try the staffing place or travel nurse, but I'm not sure about going places and not knowing the procedures or residents, but then again a med pass is a med pass and I'm sure they would understand if you didn't do everything perfect if you are new and filling in when they need help. I'm thinking now I should have applied for unemployment. I guess its not too late, but hear it takes a few weeks to start (if even approved) and I already know its not going to be enough to live on. Any advice?
  10. Medsport

    let go

    Thanks for the advice. Well for one, I was only sleeping on my break which the previous director said was okay as long as we were off the clock. I know now I should have checked the handbook because apparently there is supposed to be no sleeping at all. It doesn't really make sense since you can leave on your break so you could go somewhere or to your car and sleep then. I think the main reason was that a couple of the aides (which were friends) said I touched one of them inappropriately which is not true. I had gotten too close I can see now with the other one and we went out once as friends and I thought she was nice and wanted to go out again, but she kept making excuses and now I see she probably wasn't interested but lied to me. As far as the write-ups, those were going back over 5 years and some of the older ones were unfounded also since the previous management didn't do things by the book and some of those were not true. I know I had several since then, but I don't believe there were any repeats of the same exact kind. From what I hear (even from DON's) is that mistakes are normal as long as you learn from them. I still haven't filed as I don't really want to "stir the pot" make them mad as they were not going to pursue the allegation at this point I believe. I also picked up a couple days at my prn job this week so I wouldn't have gotten much if any anyway. It is really busy and hard there, but I know most if not all nursing homes are the same anymore. I do have a couple interviews this week so hope those go well as I can't afford to be off much at all.
  11. Medsport

    let go

    Okay, I was let go from an AL job I'd been at for over 5 years. Basically for sleeping on the job. I was on my break and was written up for it earlier this week. I guess I should have reviewed the policy, but the previous director said she didn't care what we did on our breaks, but she recently left. They said I did it again and it is not true. They said several of the aides and even a resident signed a statement and I'm 100% sure its not true for that night. They also said they couldn't find me for like 2 hours, which isn't true and also some other things which I tried to explain, but they had their minds made up. There was also an allegation of something happening with an aid that I don't recall, but said they are not going to pursue that at the moment. I did have a lot or write-ups in my folder, but some of them were from years ago and I know I had made mistakes in the past, but no repeats of the same offense except some med errors, but not of the same type I can think of. I don't understand why they would lie? I think it has something to do with an aid that I went out once with as a friend and then she got really weird when I messaged her on FB. I caught her in several lies personally, but now look like it transferred over to my job! I'm not even sure if I can get unemployment now as its my word against several others. I technically may have a prn job, but haven't worked there in over 2 months so not sure if they have anything or not. So where do I go from here. I know try to find another job, but being fired won't look good on app. Do I put down personal reasons or try to explain the situation or that people lied? IDK, the stress of nursing seems to be getting to me recently. Not the patient care, but the politics, family, aids, and always worrying you are doing something wrong. I have been having trouble with sleep lately too. I just can't seem to get on a schedule like I used to. My off days I get used to sleeping nights and then end up not sleeping good the day before I have to work. Anyway, I had been considering looking for something different like truck driving (if I could find something local or regional), factory (if I could find a place that pays good enough around here) or even this IT training which is starting like next week and is free. But the problem with that or even the truck driving is how to make money while training as I'm about broke now and have bills coming up. Sorry for the long post.
  12. Medsport


    Well for me its not affordable, especially when I can barely break even before paying the extra 180. A quick search at the health care website lowest is about 217. I think these plans are crazy. With a 6k deductible (I think its like 5k through my employer), whats the sense in even having it? I mean if something happens, that amount is going to break me anyway. Might as well just pay whatever it is and be done with it. If it goes over a few thousand, I won't ever be able to afford it anyway. I think I'd rather save my money and if I do get something bad or expensive they still have to treat you I believe. Worst case just file bk. I can't even remember the last time I went to the doctor anyway. Although I do have a medical condition that comes and goes for almost 20 years, I manage it myself with supplements and working out and it hasn't got any worse that I can tell.
  13. Medsport


    Any tips on where to find affordable insurance? My main job is making us pay for insurance now. Its going to cost about 180 a month and I was just barely breaking even when I wasn't paying and thats working 72 hours a pay there and a couple days a month at another job. I had to opt out for now, but worried about the tax penalties next year. I'm fairly healthy, but am getting older and may need it sooner or later. I've been looking at getting a different job, but no luck so far.
  14. Medsport

    Multiple jobs???

    I've worked 2 jobs most of the 6 years I've been a nurse. I'm just barely breaking even as it is as both places are getting stingy with hours even though one of them is short staffed. Plus my main job is making us pay for insurance now and I can't afford it so I opted out. Hence I'm looking for a new job even though I like where I work. I just can't hardly make it there anymore.
  15. Medsport


    Northern Ohio/$15 in AL, but I hear you can make 16-18 in NH's. What sucks is my pay hasn't changed in over 5 years.
  16. Medsport

    time for a change?

    Ok so I filled out an app today at another LTC facility that is hiring and I know pays better and has better benefits, but I was reluctant to put down my current employers on the employment verification sheets. But I think I pretty much didn't have a choice being that the two jobs before that let me go for one reason or another. So my question is: will filling out employment verification papers on applications get you in trouble at your present job?