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I've been a nurse for almost 9 years, mostly LTC. Been at present position about a year and half. Its a basic NH with a "behavior" unit I work at least once a week. It can be very challenging at times and we are almost always short-staffed and think the management is only concerned with the bottom line. So I'm thinking of getting a new job and I've had a couple interviews in the past fews week. Both places offered me the job on the spot. One was closer to home (15 miles compared to almost 40 now), but paid less and it didn't sound that great. The other one from last week pays almost $2 more an hour, which I really need as its getting hard to break even without picking up a couple times a month. They also are offering a 2k bonus. The thing is its in another state (about 45 mile drive), I would have to get an endorsement and they wanted me to start like next week and I already signed up for vacation time for the next week at my current job, plus I have a bunch of PTO I haven't used up yet so I hate to quit right away. I'm used to working 12's on night shift and I kind of like it as its more days off. The new job usually works 8's, but she agreed to let me work 12's if I signed on.

So what do you guys think? My sister doesn't think I should take it as its in a bigger city and the drive. She thinks I should apply at the local nursing home that is hiring, but its a standard skilled facility (I'm used to working in AL and memory care) and they are only offering 8 hour shifts. I did a search and also word-of-mouth and found a couple other places that sound pretty good near my present job. They are much newer (campus-like) with good benefits and I'm sure they pay better too. But they are about 5-10 miles further drive than now also. Its stressful starting new jobs and my present job is "usually" pretty laid-back if I'm on the AL hall, but there just doesn't seem to be much if any future growth and they rarely if ever give raises.

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Anybody? I still keep going back and forth as to take it or not. I was supposed to send the paperwork back for background check and drug screen, but haven't yet and its been almost a week. Do you guys think its too late? There wasn't really a time frame on it, but they wanted me to tentatively start next week. Do you think I should send it in to give me more time to decide and/or call her and tell her I'm still thinking about it, but would have to delay starting for a couple weeks d/t me putting in vacation and for the 2 week notice?

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Hi Medsport-- I read through your post a couple of times, and the list of pros and cons for each job about equal on most items, but generally I would advise against allowing yourself to stress out over a feeling of urgency to give an answer before you feel it's genuinely the right choice for you.

Likewise, regarding your sister's opinion on the drive time, there are a lot of people who love the job and tolerate the drive time. The same dilemma goes with pay, benefits, scheduling, etc.

For myself, I found it helpful to think about what is really important to me, at a gut-level and forget all about the many "should do"s that don't feel right to me. I have compromised on salary for a job that really clicked with me. I've driven 40 miles each way to work in a university teaching hospital because the atmosphere was challenging and there is a very diverse patient population.

I can't offer anything more concrete than that. All the best to you.