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I just found out that I am entering Loma Linda University School of Nursing this Fall!! Thank God!!!!!!!:yeah:... Read More

  1. by   ZanatuBelmont
    Quote from chosen50
    i just found out that i am entering loma linda university school of nursing this fall!! Thank god!!!!!!!

    welcome to the beginning of what i consider the most rewarding profession on the planet!!!
  2. by   sugaNspice
  3. by   Rocky09
    Congrats! I'm waiting to hear the news myself.
  4. by   PurposebyDesign
    Congrats you deserve it
  5. by   ee5620
    Congradulations....the best is yet to come, ALWAYS treasure the way you feel right now and the first days, try to keep this fond memories because eventhough it's exiting, there were times I just to ask myself why I was doing it...and you know what it help me to remember how it all started and how I felt, that motivated me day in and day out. It's not going to be a walk in the park...but keep telling yourself that it will be worth it at the end.
  6. by   yesdog
    Congratulations! The following is a prayer I had up on my wall and read everyday throughout nursing school. It got me through many days when I questioned why the heck I was putting myself through such utter torture.


    Lord: I know we go through this every day but please give me the knowledge as to why I actually wanted to go to nursing school. Lord, give me the strength to make it through those boring three hour lectures without falling asleep. Lord, please give me the patience to make it through twelve hour clinicals with instructors that can’t just give you the right answer and on the same note, give the nurses the ability to remember what it was like to be a student and give us just a little more respect. Lord, give me the endurance to read all the assigned readings and be able to remember it when I am taking a test with four right answers. Lord, give my family and friends the ability to realize I really am on the edge of insanity. Finally, Lord, give me the vision to see that one day I will be a real nurse and I will never have to wear this ugly uniform again. Amen
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  8. by   mommyof2Tees
    Whoooo Hoooooo!!!!

  9. by   Tracy724
    That is beautiful news....I am striving to hear that on day!
  10. by   simplides
    loma linda is the craziest school to get a nursing degree from.. why all that killer stuff when we will all get the same nursing job... same practice...
    but GOOOD LUCK... i know you will make it!!!!!!!!!
    i am in the BSN program myself...
  11. by   dragonflies8888
    Congrats! That is superb! The best to you!
  12. by   greeniebean
    Good Luck and Congrats! Hopefully I'll be saying the same thing in a few weeks!!!!
  13. by   AccelCNL
    Congratulations!!!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I hope I hear the same news when I apply in Jan.