I dont know who else to ask!

  1. I am having some trouble with my Biology class.. I have never taken an online class, but I really wanted to get my prereqs done, so I did it...

    My teacher has us write 3-5 essays a week!

    In each essay we have to write a paragraph on how we would use this in a medical field. Usually, to get the answer I spend hours each day looking up the vocab we used, and see if anything pertains with it.. but my two essays for today I just dont get it..

    Im not asking anyone for the answers, I just need help from a medical standpoint...

    My first question was " What is the role of enzymes in biological systems & what are two or three examples of important enzymes and how they are used in teh human body?"

    I have done the paragraphs to answer that question, I just dont know a medical thing that has to do with that....

    My second is "What would happen to the biological system if a key enzyme were destroyed" Given an example of a disease or disorder that resultes in defective enzyme production & describe how it affects the person with the disease"

    & I havent even been able to start on that one because I dont know what one is...


    Like I said, I dont want anyone to do this for me, but if you can give me some medical examples of what can happen due to enzymes and stuff pertaining to those questions...
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  3. by   Anagray
    Hi there ! First off, don't get discouraged. I know this class is important, but if you look at the great picture of life it means nothing. You are going to make it through and everything will be fine.

    I can give you some suggestions on how to make it through this class. Go and by physician's diagnosis and treatment book or a nursing med-surg book.
    Look up " enzymes" and you will get your answers.

    I would probably pick digestive enzymes - without them food would not be absorbed into body.
    Other types of enzymes serve as catalysts in chemical reactions, without them synthesis of chemicals will not be possible, therefore disrupting body function.
    Look up with they are.

    Don't get stressed too much, everything will be OK.
  4. by   DaughteroftheKing
    Thank you ... would I go to a regular book store to get that? Do you know exactly what its called... ?
  5. by   Daytonite
    i am doing my first online class. it wasn't my choice. my college program is gradually switching many of the classes in my major to online classes to compete with other schools, supposedly. anyhoo, the online writing just seems to go on and on. it is one way they have to make sure we are getting our studying done. many of our assignments specifically are for us to go on the internet and find things.

    i will give you some websites where you can find the information you need. the first one listed is an online biology textbook that has a search box. search for "enzymes". it sounds like your instructor is asking you to think more toward human anatomy and physiology and there are plenty of online resources for that. if you go to the pre-nursing student forum you will find a sticky for anatomy that has weblinks to help students taking anatomy. many of these online classes are designed so you can work them online and use the internet. some body enzymes are measured through common lab tests done through simple blood draws (cpk isoenzymes, for example). some enzymes are less unknown, but are important because without them we would die. an example is tay-sachs disease. because the enzyme hexosaminidase cannot be synthesized, it results in the accumulation of sphingolipids in the cells and eventual death.
    http://kidshealth.org/parent/medical...tay_sachs.html - tay sachs disease

    http://users.rcn.com/jkimball.ma.ultranet/biologypages/ - this is a very simple review of biology subjects covered in a basic college biology class from the online site of the biology textbook maintained and written by john w. kimball, a former harvard professor.

    http://www.sirinet.net/~jgjohnso/index.html - home page of the biology teacher at frederick high school in frederick, oklahoma. this instructor teaches a high school class of a&p. although you want to link into the biology ii homepage, i notice that there is information in the biology i homepage to link into that also pertains to some a&p.

    medicine net diseases & conditions a to z index http://www.medicinenet.com/diseases_...ns/article.htm

    medicine net procedures & tests a to z index http://www.medicinenet.com/procedure...ts/article.htm

    web md index list of tests http://www.webmd.com/a_to_z_guide/medical_tests.htm

    web md index list of medical conditions http://www.webmd.com/a_to_z_guide/health_topics.htm

    lab tests online http://www.labtestsonline.org/

    medline plus (use the search box) http://www.medlineplus.gov/
  6. by   DaughteroftheKing
    WOW I am SO thankful for you guys...

    This website is such an awesome resource.. & thank you all for your responses!!
  7. by   carolinapooh
    Quote from IwannabeanRN!
    WOW I am SO thankful for you guys...

    This website is such an awesome resource.. & thank you all for your responses!!
    Look up Tay-Sachs disease. There are many, many others....I don't mind giving someone a little nudge once in a while, as long as they're not fishing all the time for direct answers....

    Edited to add - oops, I feel ridiculous. I was just trying to help and didn't realize someone had already recommended Tay-Sachs!
  8. by   DaughteroftheKing
    Ok, I still cant figure anythign out for the first essay.. This class is just killing me.. I have no idea what to put for any of these essays, I spend hours googling the vocab words we need to include, and I just cant find any real life medical situations where this would be included...

    The first question again is " What is the role of enzymes in biological systems & what are two or three examples of important enzymes and how they are used in teh human body?"

    I finished the explaination about that which was:

    Enzymes are catalysts that assist in multiplying the speed in which reactions would get done in a biological system. The enzymes are protein molecules that offer a stable environment for reactions to take place, called the active site. Without enzymes, cellular reactions would take place too slow for life to keep going.
    Three different types of enzymes that are important to the human body include digestive, metabolic, and food enzymes. Digestive enzymes are in the mouth when you eat in the form of saliva. They are secreted along the digestive tract and used to break down the food we eat. This enzyme allows food that we can used to be absorbed into the blood stream, and the food that we don’t need to be excreted. Metabolic enzymes are produced in the cells. They are found in large quantities in the liver and pancreas. Metabolic enzymes increase the speed of reactions in these areas that are involved in energy production and detoxification. Every cell in our body depends upon these reactions. The third type of enzyme found in the human body is food enzymes. These enzymes come from raw food. The food enzymes are killed when cooked, because the temperature rises past the point for the reactions to take place. Because we don’t eat much raw food, supplements are usually taken in replace of these food enzymes.

    But I dont know what to put for the paragraph explaining how I would use what I learned in a medical standpoint...

    The second essay I used your advice on teh Tay- Sachs disesase, but my essay is really short...

    Enzymes are a very important part of the body, or any biological system. Without them, the liver would be unable to function, to get rid of the toxins in the system, and biological reactions would be slower, or completely unable to take place.
    An example of a disease that results in defective enzyme production is Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease occurs when the nerve cells in the brain die. The enzyme that is protecting this nerve is called GST pi. The enzyme blocks the biochemical pathways so that nothing destructive, like pesticides can enter and destroy those cells. This disease causes trembling, lack of coordination, and loss of muscle control.
    In the medical field, more specifically, a OB/GYN or Pediatric nurse could potentially have to deal with many diseases or disorders that can occur due to a lack of enzyme or destroyed enzyme. One disease in particular is called Tay-Sachs disease. A neurological enzyme that is important for development in vision, movement and hearing is called Hexosaminidase A. This enzyme is an antioxidant against fatty proteins and other material that builds up in the brain. When that enzyme is not present, the excess material is able to build up, therefore causing lack of abilities to see, speak and hear, and eventually death.

    If you guys have any comments or corrections, or wanna help, I'll owe you!! I keep trying to talk to a tutor, which are online cause this is an online class, and they are only open when i have work! geez....
  9. by   nurse4theplanet
    Sounds good to me.

    I would have recommended something similar...pancreatitis.
    You would need to understand the action of enzymes in order to understand the patho. Treatment used is dependent upon this knowledge as well. Sometimes it is necessary to avoid food during acute attacks to allow the pancreas to rest, since the pancreas releases the enzymes in response to food that is consumed. The pt may require short term TPN (total parenteral nutrition). Sometimes in cases of chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic enzymes must be added to each meal in order for the pt to digest food, decrease pain, and maintain proper nutritional status.
  10. by   IndianaDan
    Enzymes are necessary in DNA replication. Do a search for polymerase, helicase and ligase.
  11. by   Jenny67
    I feel for you! I have found that the online classes that I have taken have been more difficult then my actual classes. I asked one Professor why it seemed that online classes were more writing intensive and she told me that online has to have a specific number of typed words by the student..don't know if this is actually correct, but I can tell you I typed a lot of words in her class, and since have attempted to stay away from online classes.

    Good Luck to you. I can totally relate to your stress. Once I feel stressed/overwhelmed, someone could knock me over the head and it wouldn't effect me.
  12. by   noIcan
    Relax this is nothing compared to what they will ask of you next. One thing I did for my pre-req's is I went to askjeeves and i typed in my essay questions and jeevs took my to the answer.
    Good Luck