How did you cover your medical insurace requirement?

  1. I think I have almost everything down that I need for the fall except for medical insurance.

    I could get the schools medical insurance, but its like $800/semester through financial aid. This option seems a bit steep and the company is not one of those A++ rated companies. So since mom and dad are not an option anymore I was wondering if anyone found some good alternatives for this?

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  3. by   JUPITER19
    $800/semester isn't that bad. I have to pay $1600/month. $1000 for medical insurance, and $600 for out of pocket expenses that the insurance doens't cover. I'd be interested in hearing other people info to, mabye I can do better than what I have!!

  4. by   not.done.yet
    $800/semester is very inexpensive. Paying $350/month here through spouse's insurance plan, which is pretty average.
  5. by   Always_Learning
    If you are (or can become) a member of the National Student Nurse Associatione (NSNA), they offer discounted health insurance for members. I can't speak for the quality or the exact cost, but it might be worth some research if you need insurance. Best wishes!
  6. by   RaeRN30
    I took the school's coverage as well....they require you to have specific coverage and I doubt you can find a cheaper individual plan.
  7. by   CuriousMe
    I have the school's plan as well. It's hard to get a less expensive plan with the same coverage since it's a group plan....and as you said, it's part of my financial aid is covered that way.
  8. by   RescueGrrl211
    Just dont do what I did.. and go without!

    I ended up with 3 ER visits due to severe respiratory infections, numerous doctor visits (depressed immune system due to nursing school related stress anyone??) and a broken ankle. Im now about 15 grand in debt from medical bills! Ahhh!

    And I thought "No big deal, I can live without it." After medical bills and student loans, maybe I'll be able to enjoy a paycheck or two before I retire!
  9. by   ZionsWrath
    That is pretty cheap. But the coverage probably sucks. My GF had our school insurance and they didn't pay for anything she needed while she was "covered".

    So if you really need coverage for medical problems I would look elsewhere. But if you just need something to say you have insurance to get through school than that is probably your cheapest and best option.
  10. by   DolceVita
    I pay 700 per month for my insurance but it is comprehensive.
  11. by   southernbelle225
    Some insurance companies offer short-term policies for students.....
  12. by   ms_sgr
    I went to eHealthInsurance and signed up with BCBS. I only pay $94 a month. Here is the link
  13. by   zephyr79
    Try looking at American College Student Association. You have to become a member and then you can purchase insurance through them. It is through United Health Care Insurance and for me being over 30 It is roughly $1300 per year and the coverage is pretty good! pays up to 90% on most things!
  14. by   ritsko
    I decided not to go with health insurance with the school and use blue cross blue shield instead.