ATI Fundamentals Exam

  1. Has anybody taken this yet ? Any tips ?
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  3. by   tandv07
    I took this last semester. Definitely review in depth of surgical asepsis, auscultating heart sounds, suctioning, and care of an indwelling catheter.. Hope this helps!
  4. by   msg88
    Thank you! Did the practice tests over fundamentals help you that were on the ATI site like A & B ? Were they worded different ? or totally completely different question ?
  5. by   jwk429
    OMG i have to take this too on Mnonday. I'm fretting about it. I am just reading the ATI fundamentals book. I did the practice exams, and i took notes when I was taking 1 of the practice test. Then we were given this extensive list of topics that I am concentrating on. Good Luck
  6. by   maccheese
    Read that ATI book as much as possible. They really do take questions directly out of the text in that book (i.e. proper use of a hearing aid and crutches.) Topics we didn't necessarily emphasize in our lecture. Also, if you remember ABC's and Maslow's that will help. The practice test (such as the Prioritizing Module under the Nurse Fundamentals tab) let's you know how ATI wants you to answer some of their questions. But, that book, is key! Took me a very disciplined week to read through it and still didn't retain as much as I wanted to.
  7. by   shay&lynn
    I took my ATI Fundamentals exam about three weeks ago and got a Level 3...the highest level. I split the book up and read so many chapters a night, did the ATI questions in the book as well as the practice exams my school put out for us to do. The night before the exam I went back thru the book and read areas I had highlighted for a quick review.

    Best of luck!
  8. by   Katie71275
    I take mine tomorrow! I will let you know how I do. It was mandatory that we do either A or B and achieve an 80 before we could even sit for the Fundamentals Test. Then I studied by taking A & B over and over again until I got them right and knew why something was wrong. And then I went and took the Fundamentals I and II practice exams and final. Hopefully that was enough!
  9. by   jwk429
    Good Luck. I took mine yesterday and studied all of last weekend my cinco de mayo was just me drinking coffee. I scored a 72% Hey I am not trying to be nursing student valedictorian so I am happy with my pass grade. I did practice questions part 1 and part 2 and did both practice assessments-pay attention to why the answers are right and why they are wrong because you will see the same type of question. Then i took Jenniferasch's advice and started reading the entire fundamentals book and with the stuff I knew I just did the questions at the end of the book. Lots of Asepsis, NG tube stuff, using assistive devices and therapeutic communication.
  10. by   FineAgain
    Be careful, the terms of agreement state that you are not supposed to share anything about the content of the ATI's. Not being a snitch just looking our for a fellow student!
  11. by   josieg23
    Just took my Fundamentals Test today! It was grueling! Definitely study the material in the book!!! But don't stop there. Do the end of chapter tests and you'll find that the questions on the practice tests online are very similar; sometimes identical. Pay close attention to the "examples" they use in all the charts. The actual exam is worded differently and in a different font/layout. To some people, that factors into how they score. It psyched me out for sure! And remember to pace yourself!!!! You cannot "flag" and come back to a question later. (Like on the practice tests.) Once you answer something and move on, it's done. Had I known this, I think I would've done MUCH better than I did. (My instructor had no experience with ATI so no one filled us in on some of this stuff.) I scored a Level 2 but it wasn't easy to come by. My regret is that I didn't read the book enough. Everyone that got a Level 3 read the whole book. If you're not a text learner, do the skills modules. That may help. Good Luck!
  12. by   Jack245
    Can't comment on the test itself, but if you take the practice tests there's an option to "remediate" and it highlights parts you got wrong with corresponding chapters in the ATI book. I found that incredibly helpful for studying and ended up with a level 2.
  13. by   jwk429
    Oops I am new to this forum, this is literally my 4th post but thanks for the fyi.
  14. by   gretchenmarshall7
    too jwk429:

    I was wondering if you could email me the list of topics they gave you too review? my school does not give us any. My email is thank you