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What are your favorite scrubs and why? * Brand / Style * Is it fit? * Color * Wearability I tend to buy my scrubs @ scrubcabana.com online and have loved their service and quality but... Read More

  1. by   paramed1
    I really like Blue Sky scrubs.. they fit fantastically and are very flattering.

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  2. by   DoubleblessedRN
    I absolutely love Landau. They are soft and never have that stiff, itchy feeling when they're brand new. I like the top style no. 8219 because of the double pockets, and I like the pant style 8555 (even though they're mens' pants, but I'm tall enough) because they have cargo pockets and they have a high elastic waist with a drawstring. And they are available in a lot of colors.
  3. by   msjellybean
    I used to love Cherokee stuff. Then all of my pieces started shrinking. I wash my scrubs on warm with cold rinse and dry on medium. And every single one has shrunk. The tops have gotten shorter and the pants just don't fit right anymore. For example: last fall, I weighed 146#, as of right now, I'm at 135. The same pants that I was wearing last fall are tighter on me now, even being 11 pounds lighter. </whine>

    I've recently come to love Wal-Mart's cargo pants. Comfy, heavier weight and lots more space for stuff than my Cherokee pants.
  4. by   floridanurse1983
    Koi. For fit and most important MATERIAL.
  5. by   turnforthenurse
    I like Cherokee, but I hate how they're really rough until they go through a few washes. I really like Dickies and Grey's Anatomy, too. I personally think all 3 brands fit very well and they have petite sizes which is a huge plus. As for color, I pretty much wear everything, but come January RN's will be required to wear Galaxy Blue.
  6. by   NsugaBuga
    I love Barco/Greys Anatomy for their colors, prints, fits (both top and bottom,) and quality. They come in my size, and stay the same size after washing. The pants are right for my short legs and skinny waist (I'm a size 0), the tops are right for my long torso, and dont look like pajajamas around my chest.

    I also love Baby phat for the styles.
  7. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    Quote from FutureNurs93
    i prefer the Koi brand cargo pants (Lindsay style) and i haven't picked a favorite top yet...i like allheart.com for my shopping needs
    I like the KOI Lindsay pants too, but I don't think they keep their colors very well....
  8. by   cnanursingstudent94
    I have a few favorites myself. As a CNA, I work long 12-hours shifts, so comfort is one of the main things I look for when purchasing scrubs. Overall, I'd have to say my favorite scrub brand is Cherokee. Cherokee is in a word, amazing. They make so many styles, colors, and sizes, that there really is something for everyone. Here are some of my personal favorites:

    -Cherokee Luxe Pant. One of my absolute favorites. These scrub pants are SOOOOOO SOFT! They feel like angel wings on your skin. I was wearing a pair of my Cherokee Luxe scrub pants to work and that evening when I came home, I got into a pair of jeans and these scrub pants actually made my jeans feel a little uncomfortable. That's how soft they are! I could wear Cherokee Luxe scrubs all day every day.
    -Cherokee Workwear Scrub Pant. There are many many colors, so you're never bored with them.
    -Urbane Alexis Pant.This pant is phenomenal! It's very soft, just like the Cherokee Luxe pant.
    - Koi Lindsey Pant. A little on the expensive side, but this pant too is very comfortable. I was lucky enough to find a pair in my size on Ebay for only $16. To buy the Lindsey pant new, you're looking at around $30 per pair. But as another member posted, scrubs are our equivalent to an office outfit. We should be glad to find a pair of pants that are comfortable and look great for around $30 because that doesn't happen too often for office workers.
    -WonderWink Four Stretch Pant: I read on here that someone thought this pant was uncomfortable. I have three pairs and have always found this pant very comfortable. It's not quite as soft as Koi, Urbane, or Cherokee, but it is flexible and comes in several colors. The fabric is lightweight, so it's a great option in the summer.
    -Lydia's Uniforms Pant: I bought a pair of these during a sale, mainly for the color, but when I got them in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they are. They may not be as silky soft as Cherokee Luxe or Urbane, but they're not stiff like Dickies. They have a similar feel to that of Simply Basic pants from Walmart.
    -ButterSoft Pant: Available exclusively from UniformAdvantage (or if you find a used pair on Ebay ), this pant provides great comfort for a fairly low price. It comes in several colors and comes in all three lengths (regular, petite, and tall), so it's easy to find something you like.

    -Cherokee Luxe Top: This top is perfect to pair with the Cherokee Luxe pants for ultimate softness and comfort!
    -Cherokee Workwear Top: With several colors and styles to choose from, you're sure to find something. My personal favorite Cherokee Workwear top is the Round Neck Top. It comes in several colors and has cute ruffled sleeves and feminine details on it. So much better than boring ol' v-neck scrub tops. I get complimented every time I wear the Round Neck Top.
    -Cherokee Runaway Top: Cherokee Runaway makes several cute tops. I have a turquoise top with leopard print and absolutely love it.
    -Urbane Sophie Top. This is the perfect mate to the Alexis pant. Nice and soft and lightweight.
    -WonderWink Four Stretch Top: This top comes with many pockets to give you optimum storage space. Also comes in several colors. It's a great comfortable top.
    -Simply Basic Scrub Top (Walmart): This is one of the most reasonably priced scrub tops I've found. They're also comfortable too. They come in solids as well as prints. They're very reasonably priced as well, running $10-$15 per item WITHOUT A SALE . Sales are the best! I found two tops from this line on the closeout rack one time. I paid $3 per top! AWESOME! I unfortunately cannot wear their mate, the Simply Basic pants. The pants are comfortable and come in lots of great colors, they're just too short for me. At 5'7", I've never thought of myself as particularly tall, but I find that I have to buy tall sizes. Simply Basic only makes regular sizes and petite sizes. Even online, there are no tall sizes. I hope to see Simply Basic tall pants in the future because they are a pretty good brand.

    As for places to purchase scrubs, Amazon.com is one of the best places to buy scrubs. If you don't mind wearing used scrubs, you can get some great deals on gently used or even new scrubs on Ebay or at local thrift stores. I bought a pair of Cherokee Luxe pants (in a medium TALL, score! ) from a seller on Ebay for get this, $10. Ten Dollars! They were brand new too, complete with original tag. The seller thought they needed them and found out that they didn't, so they sold them on Ebay for a discount price. Normally, they're around $25, so I felt like a very smart shopper that day, haha! I love AllHeart and UniformAdvantage. LydiasUniforms is good too, but I've found the shipping is kind of slow if you order with Standard Shipping.

    Long post, I know, but I hope this helps. Good luck!
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  9. by   cnanursingstudent94
    Quote from turnforthenurse
    I like Cherokee, but I hate how they're really rough until they go through a few washes. I really like Dickies and Grey's Anatomy, too. I personally think all 3 brands fit very well and they have petite sizes which is a huge plus. As for color, I pretty much wear everything, but come January RN's will be required to wear Galaxy Blue.
    Interesting, I'm the complete opposite. I find Dickies to be rough at first until you wash them a few times. I've personally never had a problem with Cherokee, they've always been comfortable from the beginning. Grey's Anatomy is great too.
  10. by   cnanursingstudent94
    Quote from MissJulie
    Personally, I love Cherokee scrubs! My school requires "royal blue" and I find the Cherokee's don't fade in the wash. Also, they are incredibly affordable. My favorite website, not just for scrubs but anything nursing related, www.allheart.com.
    Cherokee is amazing! It's my favorite brand because there are so many styles and colors and the prices are great too.
  11. by   Larry2016
    Grey's Anatomy. Hands down, mostly for comfort.

    Second choice is Wondetwink for style and...POCKETS
  12. by   pmabraham
    Hi Patrick. I first went with Dickies, and I still really appreciate their tops vs. others mainly because of the pockets. The Dickies tops I like best are the Dickies Gen Flex 81722. For bottoms, after wearing both Dickies and Cherokee, I prefer Cherokee because of the waste band, and tie area around the waste.

    One of the features I did like about the Dickies bottoms is they have a D-ring near the right front pocket which makes it wonderful to clip on things like an expanding key ring, etc. Since moving back to Cherokees for bottoms, my wonderful wife sews a D-ring on the Cherokee so I don't loose that feature. For Cherokee bottoms, I go with Style 4000S that tends to need little to no hemming at the bottom cuff area.

    I tend to purchase my scrubs at Amazon.com or locally (preferred, but most of the shops near me rarely carry men's scrubs (if they do, they are very limited in selection and supply).
  13. by   nuangel1
    I love wonder wink