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So, I was very excited about the Grey's Anatomy scrubs that came out. Flattering and nicely made. Lately though, I've noticed an ugly trend. Every nurse and student nurse I see wearing them is... Read More

  1. by   CorpsmanRN
    Quote from AngelicDarkness
    There is just no in between for me. I'm in a small top - which still looks I'm like drowning in it, and medium pants which I have to keep pulling up from falling down. If I go smaller, its too tight, or too small. I recently changed jobs and at the new facility we wear scrubs - it made me realize, I don't miss wearing scrubs I miss my dress pants and a nice top
    This is exactly my problem! Currently I work in a surgical center which provides our scrubs. I've found that at times the medium pants are so snug I could swear they are really smalls. The sizing fluctuates so much. Since I'm hippy (as in curvy, haha), the med pants can be a little snug but if I put on a large, they look ridiculous on me. Same goes for the tops! I wear the small cause I swim in the medium. The small of course is boxy and bunches at my hips because it won't go over them...agh!!
    I will be starting a new job in a few weeks so now I am in search of scrubs (darn, you mean I have to purchase and launder my own scrubs now? haha). Thanks for all the tips! Especially the pants dragging issue. Since I'm on the shorter side, some of the pants were too long but there was nothing I could do and cuffing OR scrubs is next to impossible.
  2. by   monkeybug
    Quote from xoemmylouox
    Scrubs are not flattering in general. I'm pregnant now and it's worse.. You have to wear bigger tops or you feel like you can't breathe. I have found that a t-shirt with a scrub jacket works best.. I can't button that jacket, but still feel super comfy in a t-shirt..
    When I was pregnant I tried to do as the other pregnant nurses did, and wear the scrubs provided for MDs (you know, the unisex, not really made for curvy short women scrubs?). That lasted about 2 shifts and then I ordered some maternity scrubs from Sassy Scrubs. They were NOT cheap, but I ordered 3 sets and I chose pockets, material, length, etc. Worth every penny, although I did get tired of rotatating the same 3 outfits every day I worked.
  3. by   sandyfeet
    I have to add to this vent thread! My first "nice" pair of scrubs I ever bought, somehow my fianc got bleach on them. Tossed in the trash. My next expensive pair, they started out as a navy blue and now are eggplant purple! The brand is Healing Hands. I guess I will toss them too. Also, our washing machine was out of commission for a few days and I ran to Walmart to buy scrubs. Somehow I didn't notice that I was buying pants with an elastic waistband (as opposed to drawstring). Argh!!! I've only been a nurse for 9 months!
  4. by   Geslina
    You all should count your blessings! We wear uniforms - called "patty tunics" where I work. We can wear any white scrub pants or white shoes, but have to wear these hideous dirty gray pink colored double breasted hip length shirts with collars and lapels, they are made of mostly polyester, in this sort of ribbed fabric - they don't breathe or have any give AT ALL...they are ugly, hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. Oh, and they have to be IRONED. It can't get any worse.

    Very sad, what with all the cute and colorful scrubs to choose from.... =( But, what the heck. The way things are right now, I am happy to be working.
  5. by   SNB1014
    my nursing school uniform was unisex and i looked like a navy fridge. it was just atrocious. i honestly felt like a huge dork wearing them.
    nurses are not vain people for the most part and we aren't particularly fussy. that said, i will wear my form fitting greys that make my butt looks awesome. someday soon enough my husband and i will start having kids and this bootay will be a thing of the past. i wear the xsmall greys tops- they are made for a womans body!
    it does not make me less intelligent or somehow a nursemaid because i don't wear pants that give me a saggy diaper bottom :-)
  6. by   amelia_sn
    For ladies like myself, Grey's are a life saver.

    I'm just barely (when my hair is big) 5 foot even and I fluctuate between 100-110lbs. I've been tiny my whole life! Other than Wonder Wink scrub top in xs and Cherokee workwear pants in xxs petite, if it weren't for Grey's I'd have to have ALL of my scrubs tailored to fit my frame and not drag five feet behind me!

    I do not think that looking like you're wearing a sack makes you look professional. You look like a slob who doesn't care. I'm not saying I want to see (or would dare expose my own) thongs/panties/g-strings/WHATEVER you've got hiding under there, but that's no reason I can't have scrubs that fit
  7. by   green34
    I love the belt that aviators included in theirs. It helps prevent my scrubs from becoming too loose and slipping down. I do not like the scrub top because it was too big in the chest for me and was like a tent. I think a smaller size may work or else I may just go with a different brand for the top (all hospitals but one allow nurses to wear white).
  8. by   psullivan95
    I have a big bust, broad shoulders, thick arms, and wide hips but everything else is shapely. So I can either get a size too big and it looks bulky (slovenly) or wear a size that fits everything else but is tight at the top. I have no in between and I can't afford tailor fitted.

    and I am short
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