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I realize this question has been asked a ton, but I thought I would still go ahead and ask. I start nursing school this Fall, so I need some nursing shoes. They have to be white, and, of course, no... Read More

  1. by   vampiregirl
    Quote from Been there,done that
    Dude, trust me on this. There is NOTHING cute about nursing. Nobody cares what you look like.. and you will be run ragged in any shoes. Comfort is all that matters.
    Agreed. Although I think keeping shoes clean and in good repair is important. However comfort (and good support for your foot type) is really the bottom line. Cute doesn't count if your feet hurt so bad you're wobbling around.
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  2. by   zoidberg
    My shoe requirements now include:
    1. moderately comfortable
    2. Will last longer than 6 months before I wear them out. (had some cool nike's once... had holes in 4 months)
    3. I only want to pay 40 or less... see above. It adds up.
  3. by   middleagednurse
    You can be a nurse or you can be a fashion icon, you can't be both. Once you hit the floor your only concern will be "Can I stay on my feet for 12 hours?"
  4. by   tnbutterfly
    There are a few black shoes featured in the allnurses Product Directory.

    Many of these shoes come in colors/styles other than what is featured. Just click on the manufacture link to see addtional colors.

    Good luck selecting a comfortable shoe.
  5. by   tonyl1234
    Quote from FutureNurseInfo
    As someone who just starts nursing school I many not have the rationale behind having only white shoes.
    Here is an extremely important concept for your entire working life: "Smoke and Mirrors."

    It's a phrase a lot of people like to use, based on magicians that work with illusions. White is just the cleanest looking color out there. You're only a student, you barely know what you're doing, if at all. But that whole group of you in matching uniforms and clean white shoes suddenly looks like a group of professional, knowledgeable people. It's literally to make someone see you as confidently as they'd see someone with the RN next to their name.

    For no sneakers, that still seems a little weird since 99% of non-boot work shoes are technically sneakers. I'd check with the school on that. Find out if a normal pair of white work shoes are ok; something like this.
  6. by   NICUMurse87
    Wait, no clogs or sneakers? I would have had to go barefoot through school if that had been the case.