1. Hey Girls and Guys,
    I'm fairly new to nursing and I'm getting ready to buy a new stethoscope. I'm willing to spend $100. I know Littman is good, but are there any other types that anyone would suggest?
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  3. by   SoulShine75
    Quote from afarru
    Hey Girls and Guys,
    I'm fairly new to nursing and I'm getting ready to buy a new stethoscope. I'm willing to spend $100. I know Littman is good, but are there any other types that anyone would suggest?
    I have the littman lightweight and it's ok, but if you want to have better acoustics I recommend something higher on the scale. I just ordered the classic se II. I got the limited edition breast cancer one (light pink) so some of the proceeds go to the cause. Knock out 2 birds with one stone as they say. Some of my classmates have this one and I can tell a difference in the acoustics compared to the other. I hear the master cardiology is a great one, but I won't spend that much on a steth while I'm in school. I don't really know of other brands as I haven't tried them, but I have heard that Littman is the best....single tubing etc...
  4. by   clee1
    I have a Littman Master classic II. I can hear a whisper through cinderblock walls with it. $98.00
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    Quote from clee1
    I have a Littman Master classic II. I can hear a whisper through cinderblock walls with it. $98.00
    If not in a huge hurry to get one you can get them on Ebay for around $60-70.00. I just got one for 55.00 there. Also do a google as I seen one the other day on one site for as low as 71.00.
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    I have a masters of cardiology Lithman and i love it. A bit pricey but it has adult and infant built into it, so two in one, plus the web site i got it from ingraved my name on it for me so it would be harder or less appealing to steal.
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    Go to the uniform store and look for yourself which ones they have. Usually they will let you listen with each of them. Buy the ear pieces ahead.

    It's not the price, it's the quality that counts.
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    I have the Littmann Master Cardiology & I love it! It was pricey, but I saw it as an investment in my's an awesome stethoscope & if I take care of it, it will last for many years to come. I agree with the OP, it's the quality that counts.
  9. by   nueve
    what are the price ranges for these?
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    It cost more than $100 but I have a Littman amplified steth. It takes one AAA battery and I carry it in my cargo pocket because of its weight but it adds about 40 decibles to sounds. I comes in real handy on severely diminished lung sounds, and manual BPs or heart sounds on obese patients. You really ought to hear a murmur through it.
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    3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Special BREAST CANCER AWARENESS Edition Pink Model 2815 $64.99
  13. by   j_tay1981
    Here are the stethoscopes I like and recommend:

    1) Littmann Classic II S.E. (Excellent fit and finish, great acoustics, plus it has a bell which you may need for school)

    2) Littmann Master Classic II (one-sided chest piece, great build quality and acoustics)

    3) ADC 603 (Like the Litty Classic II S.E., but cheaper. Feels good, works very well, sturdy)

    4) MDF One, Model 777 (another standard scope like Littmann, but less costly, free parts for life, comfortable)

    5) MDF Pulse Time Model 740 (I may get crap for this but here's my reasoning): MDF makes pretty good stuff, has a parts for life program, and this scope has a built-in, silent LCD clock with a second hand that makes taking pulses and respiration rates pretty convenient. It's light weight, and has pretty decent acoustics, though not like the others listed. It also came with additional ear tips and a spare diaphragm. I like it for basic assessments, and you don't have to worry about forgetting your watch! At first I thought it was gimmicky, but in practice it's very handy to use, FWIW. No bell though, if that's an issue for your school.

    6) Welch Allyn Tycos Professional (sturdy, quality scope with a good warranty).

    Things to look for:

    1) Materials chest piece are made from. Stainless steel has the best sound transmission. Aluminum and zinc are pretty good, but their main advantage is light weight.

    2) Tubing. I don't mind a double tube like the Sprague Rappaport, but I see the value in having as little noise artifacts as possible when learning to auscultate. With practice a Sprague can be a fine scope to use. But a single tube with a 'y' yoke may be best.

    3) How do the ear tips fit YOUR ears? This is where one should try before they buy. I know people who love their Littmann and how it fits their ears (me for example), while others can't stand them. The tips need to seal out extraneous noise, and to do so, they need to seal your ear canals. Any good uniform shop will let you try out various scopes. DO IT! Stethoscopes are very personal things. Buy one (or two), put a name tag on it or otherwise mark it as your own, and then always keep it in site!

    Let us all know how you make out!

  14. by   Pepperpants
    Hi there j_tay!

    Always nice to read your posts, very informative.

    Please provide me some help! I have a Littman Classic but I don't wanna bring it on the road and practice (EMT student I am) as I am afraid it would grow legs..

    I might need a very similar, equally good scope and I am thinking about buying an MDF 777 med One - you have one as I know..

    Could you please provide me some info, about how accurate it is for bloodpressure and basic auscultation?

    I am thinking about these:

    Prestige Clinical One
    MDF 777
    ADC 603...

    which one to get? please give me some suggestions, pros and contras for each as you have experience with them...

    I am mostly interested in how loud are these or which one might be close to the Classic II SE.

    So many scopes I have tried and honestly lots of the cheap ones are cheap for a reason.... hard to hear breath sounds and faint S1/S2 with them, not to mention the extra beats - they are simply inaudible with cheapos...

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Thank you.