Stethoscope Engraving

  1. I am buying my first Littmann since I was using a Prestige in school and wanted to upgrade. On the site offers free engraving on the bell I am planning on putting my name and RN after it. I see that you can put symbols such as a smiley face, heart, cloud, cross, or even horoscopes. I have never seen these on a stethoscope before. Are these symbols considered unprofessional? I know it doesnt change how you work obviously but I am wondering how others see it. In clinical my instructor commented on my stethoscope being "loud" because it was purple so this made me think of it.
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  3. by   MedChica
    I don't see the big deal. If you want to put a smiley on it? Put a smiley on it.
    Have you see some of these nurse badge holders, i.e., ladybugs and frogs and Betty Boop and such, etc...?
    Yes, I do have some. I wear 'smiley face' and 'ladybug' holders.
    My accessories (uniform, nurse bag, are just another way for me to show my personality.

    I just bought a Littman electronic steth (3100), too. After salivating all over my coworkers for 3 weeks. Like, literally. I wasn't alone, either. She put it to her chest and turned up the volume?
    It was like a metronome! We were gathered around her all if we'd just discovered fire.

    And I bought mine through the same company as you. It's 'Plum'. The only reason why I didn't put symbols on it? I couldn't because it wouldn't fit. I have a long name.
  4. by   rachel8908
    I just bought a littmann classic II for nursing school from the same sight, i had it engraved with my name and a heart at the end, because like the other poster said, it just shows a little personality, so i don't see it unprofessional at all.
  5. by   Twinmom06
    I have a smiley face and a peace sign on mine...and I have Caribbean blue tubing and the rainbow head...I've had a lot of compliments on it!
  6. by   302queen
    mine has my name and a heart too lol
  7. by   g2momma
    I ordered the pink pearl one from the same site you did, I also have my name and one heart before and after my name. I have overheard a resident ask another where he got his stethoscope and his reply was "I was told the nurses always have the best ones, so just borrow theirs and keep it". I knew at that moment that having my name on it would be easier if I ever had to track it down if it ever was borrowed.
  8. by   ILoveHealthCare
    I bought my littmann classic ii se from the same site. I have my full name and a heart. That is all it would fit as my name is pretty long. Mine is gray and matches everything!